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The Responsible Marketing Committee is appointed by the DMA Group Board to set out the DMA’s policies on the responsibilities of marketers and define what constitutes responsible behaviour. The committee aims to create a sustainable future for the industry by promoting responsible marketing as a driver for business growth. It will identify both the risks and opportunities in an ever-changing sector landscape to provide thought leadership and direction.

The committee will be the custodians of the DMA Code, which sets out the four key principles of responsible marketing and the value exchange between a business and its customers: respect privacy, be honest and fair, be diligent with data, and take responsibility. It will ensure that the Code remains fit for purpose to protect the long-term health of the marketing industry amidst changing customer views and societal expectations around each of these four core principles.

The Committee will need to keep up-to-date with the changes in consumer behaviour and opinion, government regulation, the media agenda and marketing strategies. As such, the Committee will call on expertise from within the DMA (for example, from councils or the public affairs team) and relevant external sources, as well as commissioning dedicated research to look into key topics as required.

Find content produced by the Committee here.