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Customer Engagement

It seems obvious. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, then they will buy from you again and again. We want to know what builds this rapport. We know creativity, data and technology are factors but we don’t know how the interplay works. That’s why we developed our Customer Engagement campaign, to find out what makes brilliant engagement, for the benefit of marketers and consumers everywhere.

Better engagement means better business.

Email Benchmarking Report 2022

How does your email marketing measure up? The latest benchmarking insights covering deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates are ready. Uncover the state of industry email in a nutshell.

Door Drop Report 2022

What’s the state of door drops in 2022? Figures from the DMA’s annual report show the important role door drops have played in engaging and informing consumers during these challenging times.

Six takeaways from Mark Ritson's keynote with Spotler

Komal Helyer, Fractional CMO and Chair of the Email Council shares the six things she learned from Mark Ritson's keynote presentation at Spotler.

Future Trends 2022

A collection to inspire brands to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.

Future Trends: The Evolution of Direct-to-Consumer

The number of companies selling direct-to-consumer has grown significantly amid the pandemic. Read the article and found out more about the strategies and tactics these businesses are implementing to win over their customers’ attention.

Unleash the Magic of Mail

Build mail-powered marketing campaigns that cut through with a new Award in Direct Mail. Designed by the IDM and Royal Mail Marketreach, there’s free access for the first 50 people who sign up.

Future Trends: The Value of Sustainability

Your sustainable choices and actions make you unique. While other factors remain important, brands should invest in the opportunities’ sustainability can offer to gain and retain customers. Find out how to act on what’s close to your customers’ heart and start building today a more...

DMA Email Council Trends for 2022

Ten experts from the DMA Email Council give their trends for 2022.

Future Trends: Influence in the Age of Social Media

What does ‘influence’ look like as we are living between the physical and the digital world? Social media and the other digital channels are good at getting your customers’ attention, but do they influence purchasing behaviour?