Customer Engagement

It seems obvious. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, then they will buy from you again and again. We want to know what builds this rapport. We know creativity, data and technology are factors but we don’t know how the interplay works. That’s why we developed our Customer Engagement campaign, to find out what makes brilliant engagement, for the benefit of marketers and consumers everywhere.

Better engagement means better business.

Mar 11

Virtual: Future Trends - In-Game Brand Experience

Join us on Thursday 11 March as we investigate the rise of in-game brand experiences. Hear from industry experts and gain insights as to why and how the world of gaming has made user experience more valuable and engaging.

Feb 11

Virtual: Future Trends - The Power of Brand Coalitions

Join us on Thursday 11 February as we examine the effectiveness of brand coalitions. Hear from REaD Group and gain insights as to whether providing a more holistic loyalty offering can keep customers engaged.

Brand Coalitions.png
Feb 03

Virtual: Future Trends - The Subscription Economy Surge

Join us on Wednesday 3 February as we delve into the world of the subscription economy. Hear from industry experts and gain insights as to whether pandemic-boosted customer behaviours will continue in a coronavirus-free world.


DMA Email Council: Understanding What Drives Email Performance

The publishing, not-for-profit and utilities sectors have all seen declines in their email performance since 2016, according to DMA research. What are the potential factors driving this trend? Saravanan Subburam helps us understand what’s driving email performance by looking through the lens...

DMA Insight: Consumers' Favourite Brands in 2020

Who won the battle for consumers’ hearts in 2020? Has the pandemic shifted people’s affections or have their top brands remained unchanged? Why do some have no attachment to any brand? Here’s our quick take on customer’s favourite brands this year.

Future Trends 2021

The Future Trends 2021 series is finally here. As with previous editions the objective of this collection is to inspire organisations to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.

DMA Email Council: How to Use Data Collection to Reduce Advertising Spend

Find out from the Email Council’s Legal and Deliverability hub how to keep your customers coming back for more, insights on how to make the most of data collection, and ways to minimise advertising spend.

Your Call Is Important to Us: A Podcast Series

The DMA Contact Centre Council have launched their new expert-led podcast series, designed to help improve call centre performances and customer service experiences, with interviews, talks, fads, tales of triumphs and debates and more.

Customer Engagement: How to Win Trust and Loyalty 2020

Our dig into customer loyalty. The last time our Customer Engagement research investigated this topic was 2018. And this time, we conducted it amid one of the most dramatic shifts our generation has ever lived and worked through.