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Validity: Email Deliverability 2020 - A Journey to the Inbox

Before it arrives in the inbox, email requires transparent data management; dedicated time and resources; and continuous testing and monitoring. But how aware are marketers of email deliverability best practice? Join Validity, Wowcher and eFocus Marketing as we explore the journey to the inbox.

How to create a loyalty experience that's brand-right and customer-centric

Discover Epsilon’s Loyalty Evaluation and Design (LEAD) framework and how we use the 5 C’s of loyalty strategy to assess critical components and inform the loyalty design recommendations to form an ideal loyalty experience for you and your customers.

Digital Advertising Guidance

Tune in as we discuss the launch of our latest guidance, The Seven-Step Ad Tech Guide alongside Facebook, PwC UK, Data Protection Network and ICO.

Adapting customer experience in a post-Covid world

We're all starting to think about what a post-Covid world will look like. We had a chat with Feefo's CEO, Matt West, about how recent events are affecting the state of customer experience, and how businesses can prepare for the future.

The Evolution of Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions begin to change, how does consumer behaviour change with it?

Is Consent Broken?

Join Data ethicist, Dr Ewa Luger, and Michael Rovatsos, Professor of Artificial Intelligence as they discuss the core aspects of consent.

I would give One Million Meals

We all know the famous 500 miles song by The Proclaimers, the one that everyone knows the words to and can't help but sing along with! But have you heard the One Million Meals version yet?

Factors To Consider When Engaging With Senior Marketing Prospects Working From Home

With working life disrupted by COVID-19 we wanted to to shed some light on what is going on in people's home offices. Are agencies are still able to engage with senior marketing decision makers and are they receptive to setting up virtual meetings?