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What Does the Future Hold for the Creative Industry?

Out of adversity can come opportunity – and for many agencies, the global pandemic brought about fundamental changes to working life as we knew it. Facebook thought leader and strategist Andy Childs claimed that a decade of digital growth had been compressed into just a few months. Now, as...

"Marketing teams must represent and engage with a diverse society"

Andy Dorling, General Manager at the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM), discusses why marketing teams must be representative of and engage with a diverse society in order for businesses to truly put customers at the heart of everything they do.

Annual Door Drop Industry Report

My thoughts on the latest Annual Door Drop Industry Report from the DMA UK.A challenging year, but as I explore, certainly not all doom and gloom.

Do you have a zero party data strategy yet?

It is no coincidence that customer experience is rising up the agenda. Ultimately investing in customer experience means structuring the business around the customer, and with the perfect storm of Covid, a greater focus on online privacy and fast-changing consumer habits never has this been more...

Why SMS is the perfect addition to any communication strategy

Business to consumer communication has jumped in leaps and bounds over the years. The best way to reach people has gone from posting leaflets and putting up posters to communicating digitally, via SMS, email and social media.

Zero the hero! Apple's new Mail Protection Privacy and what it means for marketing.

In life, be it real, virtual or hypothesised we are constantly making decisions and weighing up pros and cons. We want to cross roads but we don’t want to get hit by cars. We’ll take an underpass unless we think it is safer to negotiate the road. We always want a deal but we never want to...

Is Gen Z the most profitable consumer group in the UK?

Which customer group should organisations be targeting in the road to Covid recovery?

JICMAIL WEBINAR: Q2 2021 Results: Introducing unrivalled competitor insights for mail

Join JICMAIL to see the key mail media metrics seen in Q2, a live demo of our new competitive insight tools and a talk with Sam Harris of Sainsbury's Argos about the value this type of insight offers one of the UK's biggest retailers. Register here