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Designing a digital marketing strategy

If you are looking to reach new audiences and grow your revenue, your marketing mix is likely to include a digital focus whether that is social media, content or email marketing, paid advertising or search engine optimisation. To help you get the most from your digital efforts, we’ve put...

8 tips for sustainable lead generation

If your lead generation efforts are not generating good quality leads with prospects who have an appetite for your products, they will quickly sap budget. We look at how to make your lead gen sustainable.

The Over-50s: How Do You Measure Invisibility?

Chief Strategy Officer of MullenLowe Group UK, Ayesha Walawalkar, has written a piece in Campaign on the over-50s, and where the advertising industry is going wrong. *Originally posted in CampaignLive.

Matthias Hopmann becomes Head of Business Development at artegic AG

As Head of Business Development, Matthias Hopmann takes over the responsibility for further growth and successful positioning of the artegic AG.

Putting people at the heart of digital marketing

Without the right balance of people, process and technology behind a marketing strategy, at best it will miss the mark, and at worst you may find yourself losing customers as a result of over-marketing.

Afraid of the Frankenstack?

The common fear we see across marketeers is of the Frankenstack Monster – a collection of hardware’s and software’s built on through years of “fixes”, “upgrades” and “manual workarounds” that all become part of normal BAU communication activities.

The Martech Migration

The MarTech landscape has always been complex, but with more and more new ways to engage customers, it becomes even more challenging to navigate the different concepts and capabilities – all too often we’ve seen the impact of a wrong turn.

Loyalty Marketing: which data matters most?

A loyalty program, by its’ nature, tracks every customer interaction and builds out a powerful set of marketing data, that often becomes the key to the long-term success of the program.