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Covid-19 from a business development viewpoint

It’s what we do now that will get agencies through this storm – leadership, proactivity, adaptation and innovation are key, but more importantly collaboration and community.

What next for brands after the CEO email?

Over the past two weeks, like all other marketers, we have been asking ourselves ‘What would we do if we were a brand, in present circumstances?’

Webinar: 7 Essential Insights on Business Mail

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, discuss 7 essential insights from JICMAIL uncovering the behaviour of consumers in the home. This will help you use JICMAIL more effectively in your acquisition strategies.

Ethical marketing - after all its not really YOUR data (it belongs to your customers.)

At DMA DATA 2020, a simple powerful statement was made by Firas Khnaisser that ‘data is people’. As the case study from NHS Blood and Transplant clearly highlighted, great data insight and powerful design can create a true marketing force for good.

UK Contact Centres - what's coming your way from the ICO

The ICO’s Direct Marketing Code of Practice will become the practical data protection guide for organisations seeking to stay within the law. The draft Code has been out for consultation and now the ICO is reviewing the responses it has received, including those from the DMA, which should...

It's Not too Late to Have Your Say, Feedback to the ICO on How the Proposed Direct Marketing Code of Conduct will Affect You

We have until 4th March to feedback on the ICO's highly controversial consultation on the draft direct marketing code of practice. Share your views with the ICO and provide balance to their perspective.

How mindfulness and breathwork can help marketers

Martin Covill, TLC Marketing UK Director of Business, spent last year training as a Transformational Coach through Mindful Talent. So we sat him down to find out more and find out how we can apply this to everyday desk life.

How serious is your buyer?

Is your buyer serious or not? To help differentiate these two types of buyers, we have drawn up a list of some of the typical behaviours that might indicate whether a buyer is committed or not. We have put these into a simple infographic.

Ecommerce pragmatism or defeat?

Over Black Friday 2019, a third of retailers removed their next day delivery service options. Was that wise or cynical?