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2021: A shift in our Mindset

This year has certainly been one of uncertainty and change for the creative and marcomms sector. Are we now leaner and better equipped for the future? What changes did we make that we should remember as we begin our journey into 2021?

Its Time to Recognise and Celebrate Responsible Marketing

The DPN and DMA, with the support of DM Trust, are running the Rosemary Smith Award for Responsible Marketing. We need to focus on open and transparent marketing to build back customer trust: This award recognises those marketing heroes.

The Value of Direct Mail Marketing in E-Commerce

E-commerce business owners naturally focus their marketing efforts online, especially if they don’t have a physical store counterpart of their e-commerce site, but what alternatives are there?

Direct mail firm gears up for growth with two new recruits

Flow Group has appointed two new members of staff to coincide with their growth plans for 2021.

JICMAIL Webinar: Q3 2020: News, tools and insight for mail in 2021

Following record breaking mail interaction figures during lockdown, this JICMAIL webinar brings you all of our latest news and updates including: Q3 data release, guest speakers, the new JICMAIL Accreditation scheme and two new tools for subscribers.

Why phone-qualified leads are the key to revenue creation

Lead qualification over the phone provides a more intelligent and strategic approach that can be carried out by sales specialists, freeing up your most valuable sales resource to focus on the closing stage.

When a cold call 'is' a good call - key considerations for cold calling

When strategically targeted, relevant and respectful, a phone call that communicates a compelling customer-centric, value-based proposition will always get traction.

Churn really burns in a post-Covid world.

Customer retention is a critical focus area now, when so many organisations are still reeling financially from the Covid-19 shock. Find out how to minimise churn

JICMAIL Q3 2020 results reveal a +33% growth in web visits attributed to ad mail

The JICMAIL Q3 2020 data release has revealed high consumer engagement with Direct Mail and Door Drops, and significant improvements in digital campaign effects attributed to mail.