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NEWS: Q3 2023 Results - Mail's effectiveness at the sharp end of the multichannel purchase journey increases in Q3 2023

The latest quarterly results reveal that 6% of mail (including Direct Mail, Business Mail, Partially Addressed Mail and Door Drops) prompted a purchase in Q3 2023, up from 5% a year ago. For the first time, JICMAIL can report that half of these purchases were made online while just over a third...

Q3 2023 Webinar: A first look at our new metrics plus how to build the case for mail

Join JICMAIL for a run through the latest Q3 data results and an in-depth look at these new variables. In addition, we'll be showcasing how you can create the case for mail in just 20 minutes using Discovery 3.0.

JICMAIL Discovery 3.0 is now live!

JICMAIL has released a new improved version of JICMAIL Discovery. In partnership with DataTile, Discovery 3.0 offers users greater flexibility and advanced functionality to harness JICMAIL data in pitching, planning and measuring mail campaigns.

What are the key skills marketers must cultivate in 2024 to build meaningful customer connections?

It’s Awards season across the marketing industry and, this Tuesday, the DMA will be celebrating this year’s most impactful campaigns among the very best talent the industry has to offer.

Why 'emotional loyalty' is the new opportunity for brands

True emotional connections between brands and customers boost revenue as well as retention, but marketers need an accurate understanding of the key trigger moments

Media & Publishing: 5 Steps to Selecting the Right Email Marketing Technology

Imagine having the ability to collect zero-party data and leverage that data to personalise your newsletter content, generate loyalty, increase subscribers, boost engagement and go viral.

Don't underestimate the importance of a campaign brief

We’ve all been there. After completing the initial strategy and planning for a new marketing campaign, you find yourself under pressure to start delivering it straight away.