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Data Hygiene Summit

New for 2020, a collective of DMA members are meeting to discuss common opportunities across the Data Hygiene markets. We are reaching out to the wider DMA membership to invite new participants to join us for the next meeting in January.

Benefits of Cloud Data Cleansing

Research commissioned by Dun & Bradstreet revealed 46% of business decision makers don’t have the right technology to take advantage of their data. For more information on the benefits of cloud data cleansing read this article.
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3 Address Validation Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

In the UK, 48% of employees waste three or more hours a day on inefficient systems. Over the course of a year this costs the average business at least £28,000. Address data inaccuracy can be avoided, find out more here.
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The smart approach to personal data regulations - the data game is like the dating game

The new regulations can help restore trust among a suspicious public when it comes to organisations and the use of their personal data. MyLife Digital’s co-founder J Cromack explains how.
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Single Source of Truth

A ‘Single Source of Truth’ can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to capture, store and utilise your customer data and to maximise its value to your business. Download this free guide to find out more.

One Platform to Manage Your Data, Your Communications, Your Website and Your Campaigns

Strategic communications can make or break your business. Imagine having one platform to drive all communication, making it simpler than ever to get personal with your customers.
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More perfect than perfect (bound)!

If you've ever printed a perfect-bound book I’m sure you will have had the odd complaint or it might have of been rejected due to image loss in the spine, a spread obscured within the spine, cracked spines and loose pages, the list goes on...
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3 Digital Trends to Look out for in 2020

In this article, David Taylor looks at the digital marketing trends that have emerged this year as being imperative for success in 2020 and beyond.