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Wood for Trees wins Supplier of the Year for the third year running!

Wood for Trees has been announced as overall Supplier of the Year at the Institute of Fundraising Insight Awards in London last night. This is the third year running for the Bath based firm.

Register now for Multi-channel planning with JICMAIL Webinar

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, talk you through the fascinating insights we now have on the role of direct mail and door drops when viewed through the prism of multi-channel campaign planning.

Planning with JICMAIL Series: Issue 5

Insight, idea and impact - Data junkie Patrick Collister explains why direct mail is the single most powerful medium to use if you simply want to get noticed

Voice of Customer Alone Isn't Enough For The CX Journey

This article looks at the merits and shortfalls of using Voice of the Customer data. Why you should also consider using Voice of Process and Voice of Employee to help improve the Customer journey.

Accord releases annual travel report: '2019: All Mapped Out'

From regenerative tourism to skip-gen group travel, we have pulled together the five topics that have caught our interest, offering guidance on how these trends will shape the coming year.

TLA's, buzzwords and gobbledygook - Has marketing really come to this?

A light-hearted explanation of the latest marketing buzzwords

Testing and measuring campaigns to maximise ROI

Given the heavy cost of marketing acquisition, it is particularly important that marketing activities undergo rigorous testing