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Five top tips to be compliant when using personal data for analysis

Do you analyse customer data for marketing purposes? Here are 5 top tips to be compliant

Boost your team's data skills with government funding

Grow your organisations data skills. The DMA has partnered with the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver a brand new government-funded Skills Bootcamp.

Email Accessibility: What you need to know

Almost one in ten Europeans lives with vision impairment or blindness, according to the World Health Organisation. It’s likely that some of them are on your send lists. How can we make our marketing campaigns inclusive for all?

What are you trying to prove? The value of a proof of concept

A telemarketing programme involving hundreds of one-to-one conversations with customers and prospects is the perfect opportunity to perform a thorough proof of concept. It enables you to learn quickly and validate your approach in a systematic, transparent way, so you set off on a better track.

Welcome emails: how to make them stand out?

Welcome emails are your first opportunity to build a connection with a new customer, and introduce your services, products and offerings in a meaningful way. Get some inspiration to refresh them today!

State of Loyalty Report 2024

Get the latest data and insights on loyalty for a higher customer retention rate and more consistent revenue.

Gamify Your Email Campaigns

Gamification is more than an engagement-driver. It also helps to collect valuable data for segmentation and personalisation. And it might be easier than you’d think to add game-like elements to your emails!