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Rubbish in-Rubbish Out: Reducing algorithmic bias

Machine learning and analytics are big business. Forbes has estimated that the market will be worth a staggering $21 billion in just three years time, growing at a CAGR of 44 per cent. However, it is well known that algorithms and analytics are only as strong as the data upon which they are built.

Validity: Consumer Email Tracker

Tune in for the essential guide to learning how consumers interact with your brand - in the context of their inbox. Hear the tracker report findings from the DMA and Validity, The Economist, alongside DMA Award Gold-winners Toyota and Jellyfish.

Data 2021

Data has become even more critical in the last year, for the first time driving a path through a global pandemic. So, what does this mean for you and your business? Data 2021 will bring you thought leaders with inside tracks on real-life case studies and experiences; the latest regulatory and...

Carrying out a compliant contact strategy

We communicate with our customers in some shape or form every day. Maximise the effectiveness of your customer communications with a compliant contact strategy.

Beacon wins Tech Nation Rising Stars 3.0 Cyber Award

Beacon has won the Tech Nation Rising Stars 3.0 Cyber Award, recognising us as the best Cyber Security company in the competition.

Who's 46% contemptible, 45% inept, 9% clueless? The ICO's fined felons, that's who

The ICO has fined almost as many rogue marketers in the past 10 weeks as all last year. So, what are these firms doing wrong? They're not being caught in the complexities of the GDPR & 2018 DPA. No, they're breaking the near 20 year old PECR rules.

WEBINAR: How to get Gold with JICMAIL Parts 1 & 2

To be an expert JICMAIL user we recommend taking the Gold certificate. A Gold Certificate shows how you are driving value for your clients from JICMAIL and is the highest level of individual user training we provide.