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Webinar: 5 steps to applying mail insight with JICMAIL Discovery

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, show you how to use these tools to support your acquisition and retention campaigns.

Over 106,000 items now in the JICMAIL database!

JICMAIL is now bigger and better than ever, with more than 106,000 items within JICMAIL and 45,000 journeys within the Mail Item Database.

Customer data - your most valuable asset

Data is your biggest and most critical asset. Yet, many Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) still don’t appreciate the value in the data they routinely accumulate – making them data rich, but insight poor. Something has got to give.

Sustainability one sip at a time

Coffee, something most of us need to get out of bed in the morning! But could you make some changes to be kinder to the environment? Written by Alexandra Saunders, Strategy Intern at TLC Marketing UK & Ireland

Lenticular Printing - A new marketing dimension!

A new marketing dimension! Lenticular printing is allowing the viewer to perceive a 3D depth effect from different angles without the need to wear special glasses.

Our Journey to a Greener Future

What are the main barriers consumers and brands face when it comes to sustainability? Which brands out there are making a positive impact? And what does it really mean to be ‘green’ or ‘live sustainably’? In the latest issue of What’s Hot we unravel the latest industry trends,...

Exploring the Journey into B2B

Welcome to the world of B2B. During our B2B Careers Adventure series, we’ll explore what it means to work in B2B marketing, the benefits of working in the industry, and how it differs from B2C. Are you ready for a B2B Career Adventure?