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Consumer Insights: What's on the list for Back to School shoppers?

Almost ¼ of British Back to School shoppers say they will turn to online video advertising, blogs and social media to help make their purchase decisions. In the age of digital shopping can you afford not to be investing in an online ad strategy?

JICMAIL WEBINAR: Travel Mail Insight: making mail work harder in challenging times

Join JICMAIL for a deep dive into mail trends in the travel sector. How engaged are consumers with travel mail while budgets are being squeezed? Who are travel advertisers having the most success targeting and what sort of response are they seeing?

Shifting out of survival mode

A call to action for long term planning

Is Machine Learning Here To Stay?

I went in my first Amazon Fresh Store recently. If you haven’t done so yet, I heartily recommend it, as it is a fascinating experience.

Time to play: how to build innovation into marketing practices to help increase customer loyalty

With cost effectiveness and the bottom line driving so many investment decisions, marketing seems to be increasingly measured on delivery.

Data Ethics in Practice

Using data ethically will translate to higher profitability, better customer engagement, and improved social impact. So how can you reduce bias in technology and data? Find out alongside Digitas UK, ODI, and WPP.

Yorkshire fulfilment firm comes out tops at business awards

Yorkshire-based business, Flow Fulfilment are the runners-up in the Eaton Smith Business of the Year Awards 2022.

Life beyond cookies - exploring the role of Data Unions

CEO of DMA member Pool Data Shiv Malik writes for The Drum on how data unions can replace cookies as source of consented consumer insights, givng people and brands greater control of the data they share with each other

Programmatic advertising: How smart tech delivers better campaigns

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, it's crucial for advertisers to know which technologies, platforms and channels will deliver the highest impact. Find out from Pure.amplify how programmatic advertising dramatically increases campaign success.