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Liz Curry

Liz Curry

Comic Relief
Business Planning and Processes Manager

Liz joined Comic Relief in 1995 after working briefly with the UN on the first Mozambican General Election and travelling through East Africa.  Previously she worked at the National Theatre in various marketing roles. She has been involved in many projects at Comic Relief such as managing an application to the Millennium Commission for a comedy theme park, and the publication of two JK Rowling books. She took up the position of CRM Manager in 2002, and was appointed Business Planning and Processes Manager two years ago with specific responsibility as Strategic Lead for GDPR. Awards include: Best GDPR Programme and Grand Prix winner in DataIQ’s 2017 Talent Awards; Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Award for 2013; Data IQ’s Real Mail Marketer of the Year in 2013; and the 2013 IoF Insight in Fundraising Award for Innovation; and the IoF Insight in Fundraising Award for Driving Strategy in 2012. In 2017 she was named in the DataIQ Big Data 100 list for the third year running. Liz became a member of the IDM/DMA’s Data Council in 2014; a member of the DMA’s Responsible Marketing Committee in 2016, and also sits on the IDM’s Qualifications Advisory Board.