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Future Trends: The New Home

The first of the Future Trends series' article is out. We aim to support brands and businesses keen to understand and address customers’ real and relevant needs. Read on and dig into the world of The Home - you'll learn what consumers are increasingly looking for within the boundaries of...

Future Trends: The Home Evolution

The world is changing and so are our needs. Customers’ behaviours are approaching unexplored horizons and marketers need to learn more about them. In this series of Future Trends articles we’ll explore what is next for Customer Engagement. Ultimately, we aim to support brands and...
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Referral Marketing: Are You Creating Customer Advocates?

Refer-a-friend programmes work. Customers trust friends and family’s advice, but too many brands have yet to try this customer acquisition channel. Delve into our report created in partnership with Mention Me, to learn more about the benefits of referral marketing.

Loyalty is Dead...Long Live Loyalty

A Friday thought. Has a generational shift meant the death of loyalty? Or has it simply evolved, leaving brands to catch-up with customers demand in order to stay relevant?

Businesses still trying to harness the value of data for today and tomorrow

Businesses are failing to maximise the power of data, according to a new report from Dun & Bradstreet into its past, present and future.
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Data and Marketing: Attracting the Next Generation

Personal and social skills are a must-have for entry-level marketers willing to start a career in the data and marketing industry. At DMA Talent, we want to attract a new generation by showing the available opportunities and how fresh and passionate thinkers should get ready to jump into our...