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Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

As the use of third-party cookies fades away, personalisation is getting a makeover. Companies are now using their own data and AI to offer more relevant, consent-based experiences that meet customer expectations for both privacy and personal touch. Find out more in the latest Customer...
Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

Charity Marketing Effectiveness Report 2023

With the UK charity sector experiencing its first income decline in eight years, marketers had to get creative. Find out in the latest report which strategies proved to be most successful.

Customer Engagement 2023: How to Win Back Customers and Rebuild Loyalty

How have consumer habits changed in response to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis? Find out in the latest report in our Customer Engagement series.

Email Benchmarking Report 2023

How has email marketing performed over the last 12 months? Find out in the latest Email Benchmarking Report covering deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates.

Door Drop Report 2023

How have door drops fared in a volatile market? Figures from the DMA’s annual report show the continued confidence that advertisers place in the channel.

The CMO Measurement Toolkit

In these challenging economic times, how can you demonstrate marketing effectiveness to budget-hungry CFOs? Our new guide will help you defend and grow your marketing budget.