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MPS: What Marketers Say

How many marketers know about mail preferences and the MPS? What’s their day-to-day experience? What are the benefits for their businesses when committing to this service? Read on to find out.

MPS: What Consumers Say

What do consumers know and think about the Mail Preference Services? What’s in it for them? Read on to find out more.

DMA Insights: Values Are Changing How Consumers Shop

Could your brand support consumers by developing offerings that align with their personal values? The public look to businesses with local credentials to support their communities, feel better connected with their neighbourhoods, and make more sustainable choices

DMA Insight: Positivity and Compassion Grows, but Challenges Ahead

How has the industry fared coming out of the challenges from the pandemic? We asked over 200 senior data and marketing professionals that judged this year’s DMA Awards about their experiences over the last year and future expectations.

Meaningful Measurement: Today and Tomorrow

As data and marketing leaders, we should be constantly striving to better understand marketing effectiveness and the measurement of this value. This was the focus of a recent roundtable hosted by the DMA and Salesforce. Read on to find out what marketers should do to improve measurement today...

UK Start-ups: How Can We Support Your Growth?

Upskill is the latest research initiative launched by the DMA in partnership with Firehaus to explore the marketing needs of the UK’s growing number of start-up and scale-up businesses. Take the survey and share your experience.