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Pinning down emotion's effect on ad performance

The DMA’s latest report in collaboration with Pinterest, ‘Creativity that sparks response: pinning down emotion’s effect on ad performance’, shows that while brand and business effects improved on the back of some truly creative work, performance advertising effectiveness hasn’t seen...

Value of Measurement Report

Marketers are caught in the grips of a profound measurement dilemma. Not only are marketers being asked to do more with less, but they are being asked to do so in an environment in which generating short-term response from consumers through direct / performance / activation marketing efforts is...

What's your cost-of-living crisis exit strategy?

Economic pressures have plagued households for several years, with brands facing the challenge of engaging consumers who are more budget-conscious than ever before. As a result, brand loyalty has sharply declined, with 61% of consumers being less likely to stick with brands in 2023 compared to...
Cost of Living Exit Strategy Report 20244

Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

As the use of third-party cookies fades away, personalisation is getting a makeover. Companies are now using their own data and AI to offer more relevant, consent-based experiences that meet customer expectations for both privacy and personal touch. Find out more in the latest Customer...
Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024

Charity Marketing Effectiveness Report 2023

With the UK charity sector experiencing its first income decline in eight years, marketers had to get creative. Find out in the latest report which strategies proved to be most successful.

Customer Engagement 2023: How to Win Back Customers and Rebuild Loyalty

How have consumer habits changed in response to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis? Find out in the latest report in our Customer Engagement series.