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Email Deliverability: A Journey into the Inbox 2020

The beginning of an email’s journey. How strong is your understanding of deliverability? What are the biggest obstacles to achieving good deliverability? How do you measure success? Read on to find out.

DMA Insight: Email Marketers Face Multiple Challenges

What are the challenges marketers face when dealing with their email programmes? Do them come alone or do businesses have to deal with multiple challenges at once? How do they impact email programmes? Here’s your snappy take from our Marketer Email Tracker 2020 report.

Coronavirus: April 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The second phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the Coronavirus reveals the key concerns, challenges and business needs, as well as what we’re doing to help support the industry.
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Future Trends: The Subscription Economy

The final article of this series focuses on subscriptions: an increasingly popular model to facilitate consumers in both discovering and showing their loyalty to brands. Who, among customers, does engage most with subscriptions? What do they demand from their subscriptions? What does the future...

DMA Coronavirus Survey: Tell Us How The DMA Can Help You

As the government extends lockdown and coronavirus continues to impact us across the UK data and marketing industry, it is critical that your organisation's needs are conveyed to the government. This monthly survey provides a monthly barometer of attitudes, challenges and solutions across our...

Coronavirus: March 2020 - The Impacts on Business

Find out the key concerns, challenges and business needs from the first phase of the DMA’s Coronavirus survey, as well as what we’re doing to help support the industry.