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Seven Irrational Opportunities

Welcome to the second article of our mini-series dedicated to Behavioural economics. Today we’ll present a brilliant round-up of inspirational ideas, from The Behaviours Agency.

What are your Customers Thinking?

The irrationality of the customer is like butter on the marketers' daily bread. So, Behavioural Economics has become more critical than ever before, and at the forefront of every marketing mind. In this first instalment of our new article series, we'll introduce you to the founders of this...

Data: All Mouth and No Trousers?

“A book is only read by someone who knows how to read.” Forrester’s view on the value of data literacy.
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The Over 60's Home

Longer life expectancy doesn’t only change what we do, it changes what we like and feel. We focused on customers after their 60th birthday, trying to understand what characterises them and their lives. This is when The Home becomes the space where personal, social and working life, gather...

StyleSnap will empty your pockets

Just like shopping at Amazon’s online store, Amazon Go or Whole Foods, StyleSnap is the latest example of how Amazon leverages artificial intelligence to make a difference in the lives of their customer base.