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Welcome to a new Data & Marketing Association

The Data & Marketing Association is rebranded. We're reinvigorated and reimagined, with a new expanded offering that takes in our world-renowned Institute of Data & Marketing, and DMA Talent. To find out how it all comes together, and how you can get involved, read on.

Value of Data: Shifting values

This whitepaper helps kick-off our new campaign: Value of Data. Authored by University of Edinburgh academics Chris Speed and Ewa Luger, Shifting values represents an engaging introduction to the topic, and provides a navigable roadmap through a challenging ethical and legal landscape.
Member Content

Customer Engagement 2018: How to win trust and loyalty

How is loyalty changing? What do customers really want? Are consumers genuinely loyal to brands or is it purely habit? How can brands reward their customers to keep them loyal? Read our latest research to find out.

DMA GDPR guidance for marketers

Covering GDPR essentials; Accountability; Consent and legitimate interests; and Profiling, our guidance series takes marketers step-by-step through a GDPR journey that will transform business

Cannes Lions 2019

Join the best and the brightest at Cannes Lions between June 17 and June 21 for an inspiring week of creative work, insightful talks, and hands-on workshops

Welcome to DMA North

A very warm welcome to your round-up of everything you need to know about our upcoming DMA Group activities across the North.

The DMA's Campaign for Great British Creativity

Welcome to the campaign for Great British Creativity. Creative Clubs. Future Writers' Labs. A Creative Committee and so much more.

Privacy, regulation and you

Join us for a webinar reviewing the progress and issues businesses have faced a year on from the implementation of GDPR

Value of Data: Changing perceptions

An initiative born in Scotland, the DMA joins forces with partners and advocates as we seek to reshape the understanding of the true worth of information. Firas Khnaisser, head of decisioning at Standard Life and Chairman of DMA Scotland, takes on the challenge of changing perceptions of data -...