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Watch LinkedIn Live: Marketers should regularly upskill to drive business growth

The DMA and Direct Line Group discuss why a professionalised industry, underpinned by continuous, structured learning, will build back credibility in marketing, reduce the industry’s skills shortages, and drive responsible business growth.

Micro-upskilling: Media & member reaction

We're on a mission to help the data and marketing industry commit to the development of the people who power it. That's why we urge DMA Members to pledge an hour a week for marketers to upskill and learn - and why we feel this micro-upskilling approach is so vital. We've certainly set tongues...

Introducing: Micro-upskilling

Micro-upskilling is online, bitesize marketing training that targets businesses skill gaps and marketers’ learning needs. Read on for an explainer from DMA MD Rachel Aldighieri, and find out how to use your DMA Membership to access the learning.

Upskill and Grow: An Hour of Power per Week

Create a culture of constant improvement. We call for DMA Members to commit to a pilot scheme committing to one hour, each week of learning time for your teams, whatever their levels. Read on to find out more and learn how to get involved.

DMA Awards 2022: Entries Open

The DMA Awards 2022 is all about going further. Whether that's more pitch lists, juicier promotions or stronger leads; whatever the dream, a DMA Award might get you there. Entries are open, now.

The Hub is changing

You spoke. We listened. We’ve implemented the changes DMA Members asked for to enhance the user experience of our Members’ Hub. Dig into the changes and learn how we’ve built a smoother Hub for you.

Email Benchmarking Report 2022

How does your email marketing measure up? The latest benchmarking insights covering deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates are ready. Uncover the state of industry email in a nutshell.