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Introducing: Grace Blue Transition

Transition is a new, free-to-use, community-based platform that offers advice and inspiring content for talent in our industry furloughed or made redundant due to the pandemic, plus lets them connect to future potential employers. Learn more, including how you can help.
Member Content

Email Deliverability: A Journey into the Inbox 2020

The beginning of an email’s journey. How strong is your understanding of deliverability? What are the biggest obstacles to achieving good deliverability? How do you measure success? Read on to find out.

Coronavirus: This Was The Week That Was

The UK creative, data and marketing industries continue to respond to Coronavirus with key comment, light touches and creative inspiration. Each week this blog will pick several must-reads as we track effects on a data and marketing community facing up to a unique challenge. This week features...

Coronavirus: Changes to Furlough Scheme Announced

On 29 May, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that employers would need to start paying National Insurance and Pension Contributions for employees from August 1.

Coronavirus: The Daily Digest

Coronavirus will have profound business impacts. We’re committed to keeping our Members up to speed on news, policy initiatives and the latest Government announcements with ramifications for the data and marketing industry, our community. This Daily Digest will update every 24hrs, and keep you...

DMA North: Artificial Engagement - Manchester Roundtable

What are the steps we can take to better understand the nature and scale of what artificial engagement is, how to quantify its size, and who is accountable for delivering a solution? Find out from this recap of our roundtable discussion in Manchester.

Method in the Madness: A Podcast Exploring Creativity and Personal Development

A decade ago, Gregor Matheson decided to take control of his unhealthy and unproductive habits. Now, he’s created a podcast that combines his passion for creativity with self-development, which has grown to over 60,000 downloads in over 40 countries. Here’s his story.

10 Tips for Call Centre Employees Returning to Work

DMA Council Member David Freedman operated an office-based call centre throughout the pandemic. Here are his ten tips on how employees going back to work can stay safe.

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Rethink Your Media Planning

From the Headline Sponsor of the DMA Awards, Datorama, this third in our series of thought-leadership pieces focuses on why it has never been more crucial to get a handle on your media. Learn the steps you can take to become more efficient and effective in the present, so you can be better...