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Welcome to a new Data & Marketing Association

The Data & Marketing Association is rebranded. We're reinvigorated and reimagined, with a new expanded offering that takes in our world-renowned Institute of Data & Marketing, and DMA Talent. To find out how it all comes together, and how you can get involved, read on.

Responsible Marketing and the IDM

Enrol on an IDM course and feel confident in all that responsible marketing entails.

Brexit: Polemical Prorogation Jeopardised by Judiciary Prior to Party Conferences

This week sees the beginning of annual party conferences as well as the Supreme Court’s ruling on the appealed case on the lawfulness of Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue parliament.

B2B Council Roundtable Podcast: B2B in a B2C World

We gathered our resident B2B experts together to discuss B2B in a B2C world, with the aim of sharing top-notch thought leadership with a wider audience – the DMA audience. Click to hear more about the exciting world of B2B marketing, and how the industry is overcoming its once boring...

Regulation Hub Update - September 2019

DMA Contact Centre Council meet every month to actively seek to identify, reinforce, share and shape best practice. Find their regulation update here.

How Data can Drive Creativity

In a new series of articles and explorations, we’re going to consider how companies and brands across different sectors are using data to create in ways they may never have imagined

The DMA Talent Marketing Challenge 2020

This is the launch of our Marketing Challenge 2020, which gives aspiring marketers a taste of what it's like to work on a real-life marketing brief and see their work go live

Screen-Free and Hands-Free: How Podcasts are Relevant and Transparent

Ofcom and Acast analysed how podcasts are becoming more and more popular among Brits. Podcasts have grabbed the attention of younger generations who want to ‘just listen’ and relax, while also nourishing their passions and interests.

Creative effectiveness in door drop - examples from 2019

The DMA Door Drop hub delves into Creativity in Print, showcasing some of the best Door Drops to grace our doormats in 2019.