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Our new Diversity series seeks out creatives who’re making positive contributions around recognising, understanding, embracing, and encouraging individual differences. Check out our interviews in the form of zines, guides, and more.

Democratise Data Manifesto for Scottish Parliament Elections 2021

We're asking candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections to take the #DemocratiseDataPledge to support the democratisation of talent and widen access to the data industry.

Coronavirus: March 2021 - The Impacts on Business

A year on from the first UK-wide lockdown, the eighth phase of the DMA’s ongoing survey into the impact of coronavirus reveals some positivity for businesses looking forward, but that the road to full recovery from the challenges of the last 12 months will take time.

Making Measurement Meaningful

Many marketers measure what they can, rather than what they should, meaning traditional measurement models lack the subtlety needed in a multichannel world. This whitepaper provides an industry-agreed starting point in the effort to standardise the way marketers measure media effectiveness and...

Customer Engagement 2020: An Overview

Our annual customer engagement summit gave highlights from our 2020 customer loyalty research report and featured expert insights on how brand loyalty has changed, channel strategies for retention and long-term engagement, key trends, and how to drive the future customer.

UK Government Budget 2021: What's in it for the Data & Marketing Industry?

Chancellor Rishi Sunak outlined his spending and saving measures in the 2021 budget.

Introducing: DMA Student Membership

The DMA’s new Student Membership is packed with learning, upskilling, and networking opportunities to help young talent break into the industry