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DMA launches 10-point election manifesto following demise of DPDI

The DMA today is calling on the new government to make data, technology, and AI the foundation for innovation, growth, and improved productivity in the UK economy. The new government must improve economic productivity by enabling organisations to attract new customers and retain existing...

DMA calls for urgent passage of DPDI before election

The DMA has today called on the government and opposition parties to join together to pass the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill before the election.

Invest in your business with the Government's AI Upskilling Fund Pilot

We are excited to bring to your attention an exceptional opportunity for your business. The Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT) has launched the AI Upskilling Fund, designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Professional Business Services...

Pinning down emotion's effect on ad performance

The DMA’s latest report in collaboration with Pinterest, ‘Creativity that sparks response: pinning down emotion’s effect on ad performance’, shows that while brand and business effects improved on the back of some truly creative work, performance advertising effectiveness hasn’t seen...

UK SMEs support pending reforms to UK data privacy laws

The DMA's latest report reveals strong business support for reforming UK data privacy laws, so urges UK Parliament to complete passage of the DPDI Bill without hesitation

B2B Marketing: The Complete Guide Masterclass

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DMA's response to House of Lords inquiry on data adequacy

The DMA has submitted written evidence to the House of Lords' European Affairs Committee's inquiry into data adequacy which was granted to the UK by the European Commission post-Brexit.

What's your cost-of-living crisis exit strategy?

Economic pressures have plagued households for several years, with brands facing the challenge of engaging consumers who are more budget-conscious than ever before. As a result, brand loyalty has sharply declined, with 61% of consumers being less likely to stick with brands in 2023 compared to...
Cost of Living Exit Strategy Report 20244