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Future Trends: Speak and Listen

In the first article of our Future Trends 2020 series we will analyse brands voice-strategy and how this channel is destined to become a significant point of interactions between brands and their consumers.
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Future Trends 2020

Welcome to the our Future Trends series, part of our 2020 Customer Engagement campaign in collaboration with Paragon, Collison, dotdigital and in partnership with Foresight Factory.
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DMA: The Membership

A new-look DMA. A new look DMA Membership.
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Welcome to a new Data & Marketing Association

The Data & Marketing Association is rebranded. We're reinvigorated and reimagined, with a new expanded offering that takes in our world-renowned Institute of Data & Marketing, and DMA Talent. To find out how it all comes together, and how you can get involved, read on.
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Consumer Email Tracker 2020

What do customers think about email? What do they like to receive from brands? What content do they prefer? How can brands get consumers to sign-up and avoid them unsubscribing too? Discover why email is still the most loved channel by customers.
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To align or not align? That is the question.

This week, the Chancellor has said there will be 'no alignment' with EU rules after Brexit. The business community has reacted strongly against this news. So what are the merits of alignment with the EU? (a long-read)

DMA Comment: The ICO's Direct Marketing Code of Practice

The ICO has published a draft of the direct marketing code of practice and invited comments from professionals across the industry. The DMA's Director of Policy and Compliance, John Mitchison, takes a closer look.

DMA GDPR guidance for marketers

Covering GDPR essentials; Accountability; Consent and legitimate interests; and Profiling, our guidance series takes marketers step-by-step through a GDPR journey that will transform business
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Google to phase out Third Party Cookies

The tech giant wants to move to “privacy-preserving and open-standard mechanisms” while maintaining “an ad-supported web."