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EA and The Kiyan Prince Foundation win DMA Awards Grand Prix

'Long Live the Prince’ campaign by Engine, for EA and The Kiyan Prince Foundation, takes home the top prize at the DMA Awards 2021

Lloyd vs Google: A Marketers' Approach

What does the Lloyd v Google case mean for marketers? DMA’s Head of Legal gives a detailed overview of the famous case, in which Google collected data from millions of Apple iPhone users for targeted advertisement without their knowledge or consent.

MPS: What Marketers Say

How many marketers know about mail preferences and the MPS? What’s their day-to-day experience? What are the benefits for their businesses when committing to this service? Read on to find out.

MPS: What Consumers Say

What do consumers know and think about the Mail Preference Services? What’s in it for them? Read on to find out more.

Four Tips to Improve Your D2C Strategy

Why does Direct-to-Consumer appeal to customers? Find out what the value is for shoppers and brands, and how to up your D2C game.  

Responsible Marketing Update

Data duplication, non-compliance, managing consent and preferences: our industry is faced with many unique challenges. So how can you keep your marketing compliant? Find out alongside the DMA and OneTrust.

Future Trends 2022

A collection to inspire brands to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.