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The DMA’s Email Council is the home of email intelligence for the UK, leading the UK’s marketing industry in innovative and cutting edge email practices, breaking the mould and challenging the status quo. The Email Council exists to provide clarity and simplicity to marketers when it comes to email legislation and regulation, and also to support marketers at all levels, from the classroom to the Boardroom, throughout their practical and aspirational professional development. Thought leadership

In 2019, the council will do this by:

•Undertaking research pieces to inform marketers on benchmarking, consumer and marketer email behaviours
•Examine the latest techniques and approaches to email by interviewing brands, vendors and suppliers to produce a blog series and debate for the email community titled “Email in Practice”
•Holding three Email focused networking events for the community to discuss the latest trends and techniques in email, featuring the UK’s email thought leaders and future makers
•Produce a podcast series which discusses and unpicks email marketing challenges such as deliverability, ROI, measuring success, segmentation and behavioural targeting, how AI will supercharge your email strategy
•Reviewing the IDM curriculum to ensure the content is up to date with the latest case studies and practices
•Advise on policy and legislative issues that affect email including participating in government consultations on behalf of the industry
•Update and review the best practice guide on a regular basis

To help shape the future of email marketing, contribute to the discussions here or email to find out more about the council and its work.

Get to know the Email Council below.