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DMA Scotland is the authority for new talent in Scotland’s data & marketing industry. It has strong links with key business influencers, local government and other local trade bodies/associations in order to promote and support competitive advantages for DMA members north of the border.

DMA Scotland plays a crucial role in driving community growth and engagement across the UK as well as providing a purpose for broader engagement with the DMA. The council maintains a strong regional community for DMA stakeholders and ensures DMA members in Scotland can access the full suite of DMA benefits.

DMA Scotland is led by Chair Howard Barber (Director of Data & Analytics, Golden Charter) and Deputy Chair Anneli Ritari-Stewart (Head of Digital Marketing, Royal London).

The key focus of DMA Scotland is aligned around talent and skills. DMA Talent plays a key role in connecting students/apprentices/school leavers, universities and colleges and regional partners with DMA members. In a Scottish context, the DMA’s talent strategy focuses on attracting (and retaining) new talent to the industry to deliver value to its Scottish members and fuel regional industry growth.

In late 2020, DMA Scotland published Democratising Scotland's Data Talent, a whitepaper which delved into the issue that the data talent pool in particular needed be increased to cope with the influx of start ups and scale ups, if Edinburgh is to become the Data Capital of Europe. The pandemic and Brexit put further pressure on wider industry talent pools, increasing the need attract new talent to the industry. We are widening the council focus to cover digital and creative talent too.

The DMA Talent division has many programmes aimed at supporting DMA members find new talent, and school leavers and graduates finding entry level roles.

If you have a passion for helping emerging talent and want to get involved or understand how to tap into young talent, please contact Lisa McLauchlan below.
07802 885704

Meet the DMA Scotland council below.