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Rachel Aldighieri

Rachel Aldighieri

Managing Director

Starting out in journalism before crossing into PR, Rachel has helped to drive the DMA's transformation from an ordinary trade association to a vibrant, facilitatory industry community over the last eight years – widening its relevance and appeal far beyond its traditional heartland and working closely with many of the UK's biggest and most forward-thinking agencies, brands, suppliers and press to promote a true one-to-one-to-millions marketing approach.

She is responsible for leading the DMA's key industry initiatives – including the flagship annual DMA Awards, the Campaign for great British copywriting, Responsible marketing, the organisation's community website and an array of other events, workshops and research projects to help marketers put their customer first.

Rachel is a strong supporter of youth in the marketing industry, including incorporating the GRT youth scheme into the DMA Awards, and believes in the positive contribution and central role that one-to-one marketing can deliver within a modern, creative UK economy.