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Responsible Marketing

Changes to the governance of data will have far-reaching consequences for your business. The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will determine how your business does business, and particularly how it manages, protects and administers data in the future. The new regulations came into place in 2018 - find help here.

Award in GDPR

Make sure your marketing activity is compliant with this quick-fire introduction to the GDPR and DPA18, delivered by our world-renowned Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM).

The DMA Code

The DMA Code is an aspirational agreement to which all DMA members and their business partners must adhere. It aims to promote one-to-one marketing as a true exchange of value between your business, looking to prosper, and your customer, looking to benefit - and provides you with the five clear...

UK Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks 2022

The Global Data and Marketing Alliance (GDMA), in conjunction with the DMA and Acxiom, publishes a forensic examination of UK consumer attitudes to data and privacy. Discover the latest trends, perspectives on data sharing, online privacy and the role of data in our world.

Global Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks

Despite cultural and economic differences, consumers around the world increasingly see value in sharing their data. Explore key findings from the GDMA’s data privacy launch event.

Sustainability Glossary from the DMA Print Council

The many terms around sustainability can become confusing. To help others better understand the process and provide support for a more sustainable future, the DMA Print Council has shared important words and phrases, as well as successful industry projects.

Responsible Marketing Update for Fundraisers - November 2021

Responsible marketing also makes commercial sense for charities.

"Data suppliers must stop hiding if we are to build public trust in data sharing"

To increase transparency, accountability and build public trust in data sharing, it is time for all areas of the data and marketing industry to work together, including data suppliers. Adam Herbert, CEO of Go Live Data discusses how data suppliers can help.

Regulation Hub Update - November 2021

This month's regulation and compliance news from the DMA's Contact Centre Council's Regulation Hub.