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Julie Atherton

Julie Atherton

Small Wonder
Managing Director, Small Wonder. Chair SMC and Managing Director of Small Wonder a business and marketing consultancy specialising in the Education sector.

A senior strategist with over 25 years experience of building strong and lasting connections between individuals and brands, identifying the insight that inspires them and creating the interactions and stories keep them close.

I am an expert on social mindsets and media and how to leverage them to optimise every touch-point.and regularly speak at events and comment in the media on business and marketing issues.

A business leader, I lead and shape organisational change, developing and articulating a clear vision. I motivate, support and guide the team, collaborating to deliver business transformation.

Passionate about marketing and education I work with the IDM, DMA, universities and local schools to promote innovation, employability and nurture talent.

Through Small Wonder I enable education organisations to transform their marketing and business strategy. If you would like to talk further please do get in touch.

Previously Chair of the DMA Social Media Council.