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Future Marketers Week: Earn & Learn as an Apprentice

If you’re leaving Sixth Form or college this year and want to begin a marketing apprenticeship, our virtual Furture Marketers Week running from 11 – 15 July 2022, is not to be missed!

Nasir's Kickstart Scheme Experience

Last year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Nasir Ibrahim to the DMA Talent team on a 6-month marketing placement through the Government’s Kickstart Scheme.

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Take our quiz to discover what your personality type is, and the roles you’re made to strive in.

University of Gloucestershire Fresh Blood & Big Book Crit May 2022 Feedback Form

We hoped you enjoyed our Fresh Blood & Big Book Crit last week, and got lots of advice on your work! So that we can continue to improve this event, please could you complete the feedback form below. We hope to see you at another one of our events soon. If you want to be kept up to date with...