DMA Talent: ADHD Employer Guide

The neurodiverse community is underrepresented in most industry sectors across the UK, including the data and marketing industry – the DMA wants to help change that.

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A Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Student Membership helps students and apprentices forge ahead with a career in the UK’s thriving data and marketing industry.

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Apprenticeships: Callum's Apprenticeship Journey

Callum Meyrick is currently completing a Business Admin apprenticeship with us here at the DMA. Discover the great benefits hiring him has brought us, and how it’s helped his career development.

Apprenticeships: Anais' Apprenticeship Journey

Discover why apprenticeships are great for businesses and young marketers through the eyes of Anais Valoris, who has just completed a Data Analyst apprenticeship at Merkle.

DMA Partner with The JGA Group to Increase Apprenticeships in Marketing

DMA Talent are on a mission to increase the number of new apprenticeship opportunities for young people who want to start a career in data and marketing.

Apprenticeships: The Hidden Potential

Supported by DM Trust, DMA Talent have produced a research report on the state of apprenticeships for the data and marketing industry, which reveals key insights into what is limiting apprenticeship uptake, as well as the opportunities that they can bring to an organisation.

How Has 2020 Impacted Jobs and Recruitment in Data and Marketing?

How has the data and marketing industry reacted to the events of 2020? What’s happened to jobs and recruitment in a challenging economy? The latest insights from Hays UK shed light on the current and future state of the sector.