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Feb 08

Webinar: Diversifying Your Workforce Through Young Talent

Part of the DMA's Value of Data campaign and our event series highlighting our whitepaper, Democratising Scotland's Data Talent, this webinar will explore the benefits of attracting young talent, such as apprentices, from wide-ranging talent pools for businesses across the UK.

Feb 23

Virtual: Future Trends Series - The Value of Sustainability

How can brands harness the power of sustainability to attract and retain customers? Find out alongside our Research Team and other experts.

Feb 24

Webinar: Harness the Power of First-Party Data

85% of marketers say improving first-party data usage is a high priority to ensure business continuity. But how should brands go about this? Find out alongside Lead Forensics and other experts.

First-party data.png
Mar 30

Virtual: Future Trends Series - The Evolution of Direct-to-Consumer

The number of companies selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) has grown significantly during the pandemic. But what comes next? Find out alongside our Research Team and other experts.