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Jul 02

Virtual: Fundraising Forum - The case for Legitimate Interest

Are you ready to take your charity's outreach to the next level while staying firmly within the bounds of ethical marketing? Then mark your calendars for our highly anticipated Fundraising Forum on 2 July.

Virtual- Fundraising Forum - The case for Legitimate Interest.png
Jul 10

Door Drop Report 2024 Launch Webinar: Exploring the Relative Advantage of Door Drops

Are you harnessing the full potential of Door Drops in your marketing strategy? Join us for our upcoming webinar where we'll reveal the latest insights from the joint DMA JICMAIL annual Door Drop report.

Jul 11

Virtual: Legal and Policy Update

How can you stay up-to-speed with legal reform and public affairs affecting our industry? Find out alongside the DMA and other industry leaders at our Virtual: Legal and Policy Update.

Legal Update Image.png
Jul 17

DMA Summer Drinks

Sink into summer with our DMA Summer Drinks event. Join us for a delightful evening of drinks and gourmet snacks at the Ham Yard Hotel Rooftop as you hear from DMA Chair, Tony Miller and mingle with industry colleagues.

Summer Drinks - Image.png
Aug 22

Skills Webinar: Master your Creative Strategy

Getting the creative right is fundamental to a successful marketing campaign. Elevate your marketing game with our exclusive skills webinar on Creative Strategy.

Skills Webinar- Master your Creative Strategy.png
Sep 10

Customer Engagement Conference 2024

How can businesses connect, engage, and inspire consumers in 2024? Find out at our annual Customer Engagement event alongside leading brands and agencies.

CE 2024 Web Image.png
Oct 10

DMA Awards 2024 Shortlist Party

Did your campaign crush convention, shatter expectations, and impress our hard-to-please Judges? Find out at our Awards Shortlist Announcement party, as we return to salute the campaigns that #GoFurther.

DMA Awards 2024 Shortlist Party - Web Image.png
Oct 22

Virtual: Legal and Marketing Compliance Update - October

How can you stay up-to-speed with legal reform and keep your marketing compliant? Find out alongside the DMA and other industry leaders at our regular Virtual Legal and Marketing Compliance Updates.

Legal Update Image.png
Dec 03

DMA Awards Night 2024

DMA Awards Night is back. Find out who wowed our hard-to-please Judges, mix it up with your pals and peers from across our industry, and dance like no one's watching.

DMA Awards Night 2024 - Web Image.png