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DMA Terms and Conditions

DMA Terms and Conditions

We are the DMA, which is made up of the Data and Marketing Association Limited, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, company registration number 2667995; the Institute of Data and Marketing Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, company registration number 02168165; and DMA Talent, which provides a pathway for talent entering into the data and marketing industry.

Our registered office address is DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SS.

The DMA Privacy Notice will apply to the processing of personal data in connection with the products and services we provide.

These Terms and Conditions provide details on how we will provide our membership services to you.

We will review these terms on a regular basis and may amend or change them.

Applying for corporate membership

1. Your business needs to have had at least three months of satisfactory trading for full membership. The DMA will look at a number of factors, like financial stability; references from DMA members; and checks to make sure none of the directors or board level staff have held a similar position in a company that has gone into insolvent liquidation or has been the subject of a Disqualification Order under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.

2. The account management team will work with you to determine your membership term and rate through a fee assessment process based on direct and digital marketing activities if necessary.

3.1 As part of your application process, the DMA compliance team will carry out an assessment, which may include a visit. The assessment will vary from member to member.

3.2 The DMA legal and compliance team will work with your business to help assess your compliance with the DMA Code as part of your application for DMA membership.

3.3 We want you to enjoy the full benefits of membership as soon as possible, so our compliance consultants will be in touch quickly. There is the chance that we will have to cancel your provisional membership, without refund, in the unlikely event that there is no realistic prospect of you meeting the relevant criteria for DMA membership. Please allow three months to complete the process.

3.4 In addition, list brokers, lead generation companies, and other businesses involved in buying and selling data may require an additional audit from an independent auditor. It’s important that the information you provide when applying is correct, or the DMA will cancel your membership without refund.

4. You will gain provisional membership as soon as the processes described in sections 1 and 2 are complete and you have paid your membership fee. We will confirm full membership following a satisfactory compliance assessment.

5. The DMA can refuse a membership application. If we do refuse you membership, we will let you know in writing and refund any fees paid within 28 days.

Being a DMA member

1. Membership of the DMA is on a fixed term contract. Membership entitles you to access DMA services, including advice from the DMA legal team on legislation affecting the data and marketing industry; discounted rates on seminars, conferences, and other DMA events; full access to the wealth of knowledge on the DMA website, and use of the DMA logo.

2.1 We hope you enjoy your DMA membership, but if you decide to leave, you need to give us six months’ written notice. For example, if your contract expires on December 31, you must serve notice by June 30 the previous year. You will have full access to all DMA services during the cancellation period. If you fail to give six months’ notice, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the monthly membership for every month or part-month that the cancellation period exceeds the expiry date. For example, if your contract expires on December 31, but you do not give notice until September 30, your membership will terminate on December 31, but you will be liable for 3 months’ cancellation fee.

2.2 If you terminate your DMA membership before the end of your fixed term period, you will be required to repay any discount you received.

2.3 We want to protect our intellectual property, so if you are no longer a DMA member, you must remove all references to the DMA (stationery, promotional material, website, etc.) within the notice period.

3.1 We ask that you pay the membership fee within 30 days of the date on the invoice. If payment is not received, your access to DMA services will be suspended until such time as payment is received and cleared.

3.2 While your account is suspended, you will no longer be able to:

3.2.1 Use your DMA accreditation or the DMA logo on your website and external communications.

3.2.2 Be listed in our directory of brands, agencies and suppliers, and industry introductions.

3.2.3 Use our support services, including the legal helpdesk.

3.2.4 Access DMA website content, including our research and industry expertise.

3.2.5 Receive member discounted prices for DMA events.

4.1 The DMA Articles of Association detail the duties and responsibilities of all DMA members. We work hard to build up the reputation of the DMA and of our industry, which is why you are required, as a condition of membership, to:

4.1.1 Make sure your marketing complies with the relevant legislation and applicable codes of practice (including the DMA Code, the UK Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing, CAP Code, the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising BCAP Code) and with any other codes recommended by the DMA Board from time to time.

4.1.2 Act in accordance with the findings of the Direct Marketing Commission and/or the related Appeals Commissioners and/or the Advertising Standards Authority.

4.1.3 Appoint a compliance officer and make sure they:

a) Have a good knowledge of the Code and the relevant legislation.

b) Act as a point of contact for the DMA on compliance issues.

c) Let the DMA know within 14 days if there is a change in staff and a new compliance officer is appointed.

5. As a DMA member, you are required to contribute to all the Advertising Standards Board of Finance levies where appropriate.

6. During your membership you will be required to work with the DMA compliance team if and when they carry out an assessment (which may include a visit). The assessment will vary from member to member depending on their individual circumstances.

7. The account management team will work with you to determine your renewal rate through a fee assessment process based on direct and digital marketing activities if necessary.

9.1 The DMA Board may suspend or expel you in the unlikely event that:

9.2 You are no longer meeting the DMA’s membership criteria.

9.3 The DM Commission or the DMA Board, after a fair hearing, finds that you have damaged the reputation of the DMA or our industry.

9.4 The DM Commission finds, after a fair hearing, that you have committed a serious or repeated breach of the DMA Code.

DMA Website

1. The DMA website is controlled by the DMA.

2. We will remove anything inappropriate from, If you see anything inappropriate on please let us know at

3. We try our best to serve up the highest quality content. In the unlikely event of an issue with any content on the site, we cannot accept any liability if anything is wrong, or if you unfortunately incur any loss of money, opportunity, or reputation caused by using our content.

4. There are external links to useful sites on We do not accept responsibility for the content on third-party websites – they will have different Terms and Conditions.

5. We work hard to make sure our security is up-to-date, but we cannot guarantee that third-party viruses or other malware will not happen, or that the site will be online and working perfectly 100% of the time. If anything does break, please flag it up and bear with us as we fix it. We will schedule routine maintenance outside peak working hours.

6. Use of your contributions

We may use any comments or contributions you make for our own purposes, and will make sure that any such usage is fair, honest, sensitive, responsible, and fully respects your personal information and privacy.

7. Usernames and passwords

7.1 When you join the DMA, you will be given usernames and passwords for all registered members of your team and can use these to access our exclusive members-only content. Please keep these safe and don’t let anyone else use your account.

7.2 If anyone else does use your profile, you are responsible for any goods or services they access through the site.

7.3. Please let us know immediately if you think someone else has used your account or accessed your password.

8. Intellectual property and copyright

8.1 We retain the copyright to any material we create on this site – including the text, graphics, code, design and software.

8.2 If you wish to use any of this, please ask us first, but you’re welcome to download or print a single copy of anything for your own non-commercial use.

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