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The DMA’s 18 Councils and Committees are made up of volunteers from across the DMA membership and support the passionate and vocal community the DMA serves.

Councils: B2B, Black Marketers, Contact Centres, Customer Data, Email, Media, Print, Social
Regional Councils: North, Scotland, West & Wales
Committees: Awards, Creative, Customer Engagement, Governance, Qualifications and Training, Talent, Value of Data

The industry expertise on our Councils and Committees enables us to set and promote standards ‘for the industry by the industry'. Guided by the DMA Code, the work of the Councils and Committees ultimately helps deliver more responsible, ethical, diverse, creative, and innovative organisations.

Each Council and Committee meet on a regular basis throughout the year. Meetings can be virtual, hybrid, or in-person. This means that members of the DMA community from across the UK can be part of our Councils and Committees.

If you are interested in sitting on one of our Councils or Committees, please click on the link below to learn more about what’s involved and send in your application.

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