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AI-Powered Copywriting Masterclass

Unlock the potential of AI to enhance your copywriting skills. Discover how artificial intelligence tools can revolutionise your approach to content, from brainstorming to creating to editing. Learn to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that AI tools present, while staying on the...
AI copywriting course

Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC Masterclass

Drive sustained traffic growth through your SEO and PPC activity. Learn how to get higher search rankings, increase visitors to your site and maximise ROI on this intensive two-day course. Boost conversion rates and measure your results with effective actionable insights.
Copywriting for Digital

Copywriting Masterclass

Hone your copywriting skills with copywriting techniques that captivate and persuade your audience. Develop skills that help you connect with readers and inspire them to act. Through this course, you'll acquire practical tips and knowledge to boost the effectiveness of your writing in all contexts.

Campaign Planning Masterclass

Omnichannel campaigns are the pinnacle of effective marketing. In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to plan and implement successful campaigns that utilise every relevant channel. You'll learn how to bring together your customer data and campaign insights to create...

Behavioural Economics Masterclass

A practical guide to harnessing irrational consumer decisions and making them, if not entirely predictable, then far more intelligible using Behavioural Economics principles.

Customer Insight Masterclass

Boost value for you and your customers with customer insight. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by understanding the behaviour of your customers and their value to you. Discover how to research, plan and manage your activity with confidence.

Influencer Marketing Masterclass

This 1-day course gives a practical approach on how to work effectively with influencers to transform your marketing. Identify the right influencers for your brand and get the most out of influencer relations. Integrate influencer activity with your social media, PR, SEO , and community channels.
Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Customer Retention Masterclass

Learn how to track the customer journey and drive loyalty. Understand how to use data to create more personal communications with customers and prospects. This course will give you the confidence to create retention strategies that work for your organisation.

Integrated Marketing Strategy Masterclass

Learn how to plan your marketing activity effectively. Understand market and customer trends in your business environment through insights and research. Gain a sustainable advantage by managing your brand across multiple channels and set measurable objectives to track your results.