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Join UK’s largest trade association for today’s progressive data-driven marketers

The DMA is the UK’s trade association for the data and marketing industry. Our vision is a data and marketing industry where every organisation takes a ‘customer-first’ approach. As the voice of the data and marketing industry, our responsibility is to prove the responsible and innovative use of data in marketing drives business growth. We set the standards for the good of marketers, and most importantly, customers.

We empower marketers to drive growth and prove the value of data through public affairs, resources, learning, and talent. With over 700 organisations, the DMA is the UK’s largest community made up of 27,000+ marketers.

The DMA guides and inspires our community of data-driven marketers, creators and leaders to shape thriving, sustainable, people-first business cultures.

DMA Membership helps you and your business in the pursuit of your professional and organisational development goals, with support for corporates, marketing professionals and students.

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