Welcome to a new-look DMA Talent | DMA

Welcome to a new-look DMA Talent


DMA Talent champions the future stars and the diverse talent that offers such rich promise to our industry.

Our key initiatives include:

  • Creative Data Academies and Labs
  • Summer School
  • Fresh Blood series
  • Big Book Crits
  • The Student Challenge

We want you to get involved.

Our initiatives are free-to-attend, and feature inputs from creative leaders, innovative data and marking practitioners, and some of the industry's most pioneering thinkers.

Students will:

  • Add practical skills to portfolios
  • Learn about new pathways into the UK's data and marketing industry
  • Meet like-minded people who will become colleagues and friends, and build contacts and networks.

Working with DMA Talent, educators will:

  • Help students gain skills to make them more employable, with learnings shaped and driven by the input from the DMA's data and marketing community
  • Place student talent in front of businesses drawn from around the agency, client, tech and innovation spaces - and help find a way into employment and industry experience
  • Get a real-world view of the skillsets required by UK data and marketer employers, so you can help mould what your students need to learn

To learn more, click here to download a booklet explaining the new world in more detail.

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