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The DMA’s Print Council is the home of intelligence for printed marketing in the UK. The Council works to define, promote, educate and establish best practice and future proof the paper-based marketing industry with a specific focus on (but not limited to) advertising and transactional mail, door drops and inserts. The Council aims to support marketers at all levels, from the classroom to the boardroom, by keeping up to date with the latest developments and take full advantage of the opportunities print brings.

In 2020/21, they will do this by:

•Hold one print-focused event and a series of door drop events
•Deliver guidance on attribution modelling for print
•Deliver annual door drop industry figures via a research report
•Examine the latest techniques, approaches and creativity and share insight via to a monthly blog for the community
•Reviewing the IDM curriculum to ensure the content is up to date with the latest case studies and practices
•Advise on policy and legislative issues that affect print marketing including participating in government consultations on behalf of the industry
•Update and review the best practice guides for Advertising Mail, Door Drops and Inserts on a regular basis.

Print Council Hubs

- Marketing automation hub

- Door drop Hub

- Sustainability Hub

- Creativity Hub

Find content produced by the Council here.