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Below you'll find an archive of our previous webinars. To register for any upcoming webinars visit our events page

Data Ethics - Tech's Greatest Asset

Find out how data ethics should be used as the foundation for sustainable and customer-centric tech? Gain valuable insights from experts; listen to a lively panel discussion

Pathways to Creativity 2020

Join us as we delve into the world of creativity. Hear from a selection of creative hotshots as we ask how can we champion creativity and pioneering thinking throughout our industry – and beyond?

Validity: Email Deliverability 2020 - A Journey to the Inbox

Before it arrives in the inbox, email requires transparent data management; dedicated time and resources; and continuous testing and monitoring. But how aware are marketers of email deliverability best practice? Join Validity, Wowcher and eFocus Marketing as we explore the journey to the inbox.

Digital Advertising Guidance

Tune in as we discuss the launch of our latest guidance, The Seven-Step Ad Tech Guide alongside Facebook, PwC UK, Data Protection Network and ICO.

Is Consent Broken?

Join Data ethicist, Dr Ewa Luger, and Michael Rovatsos, Professor of Artificial Intelligence as they discuss the core aspects of consent.

Datorama: Leading Through Change - How to Create a Marketing Measurement Strategy

Join our webinar with Datorama and The Economist and learn how creating a measurement strategy and marketing system of record can help you navigate uncertain times with confidence, while always positioning marketing as a pillar for business growth.