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Below you'll find an archive of our previous webinars. To register for any upcoming webinars visit our events page

Data Ethics in Practice

Using data ethically will translate to higher profitability, better customer engagement, and improved social impact. So how can you reduce bias in technology and data? Find out alongside Digitas UK, ODI, and WPP.

Responsible Marketing Update: Cookie-less Future, AI and Adtech Developments

The data and marketing landscape is constantly changing. So how can you keep you stay up-to-speed with legal reform and keep your marketing compliant? Find out alongside the DMA, Pool Data, and The Thread Team. Part of the DMA's Responsible Marketing campaign, join our Legal Team to hear...

Epsilon: The Relevance of Direct Mail for Fundraisers in Today's Climate

Direct mail has long been at the heart of charity fundraising. But does the channel still hold importance in a post-COVID world? Find out alongside Epsilon and Marketreach. This webinar explores the role of direct mail for charities and compares it against other channels at fundraisers’...

DMA Awards Winners Showcase - Part 2

The DMA Awards 2021 were packed with work that moved people, made a difference, and defied expectations. But what lies behind the brilliance - and what lessons can we learn? Find out alongside MRM, Ogilvy UK, and OLIVER.

Campaigner: Amplify Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

How can you better understand your email marketing performance and build more effective campaigns? We take an exclusive look into the IMDb's Email Report alongside Campaigner, OVO Energy, The Economist, NEC Group, Wiggle and Data Stories Consulting.

Marketreach: Transform your CX with Customer Mail

Research shows the revenue growth of customer experience leaders is over five times time higher than laggards. So how can brands make their customer experience dreams a reality? Hear from MBAstack, Go Inspire Group, Barclays and Marketreach.