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How companies collect, store, manage, govern, analyse and apply customer data sits at the very heart of putting customers first. The DMA Customer Data Council will inspire every business to put customer data at the heart of everything they do by providing the guidance, tools, skills and new talent necessary for companies to be effective and successful.

The remit of a DMA Council is:

  • To be responsive to requests from the DMA for specific expertise from the council, such as interpretation of regulatory and legislative issues
  • To share industry issues with the DMA that require discussion and guidance
  • To proactively assist the DMA’s remit of being the driving force for intelligent marketing
  • To ensure their best practice guide is always up to date
  • To communicate to the wider marketing community on all aspects of relevant legislation and best practice
  • To support the four DMA campaigns (Customer Engagement, Responsible Marketing, Awards and Campaign for Great British Creativity) with channel-specific content
  • To promote their channel, region, or discipline through research, events and content
  • To support the Talent and Training Programmes

Customer Data Council Hubs

Best Practice Hub – This hub looks after updating the Best Practice guide and ensure it is still in line with regulatory requirements.

DMA Talent Hub - members of this hub will work with Kate Burnett to ensure they are supporting her with DMA Talent projects

Connected Hub – New technology and the progression of the tech stack mini guide will be focused on in the upcoming years

Digital and Data Transformation – This hub will look at how digital data will be a part of marketing in the future

Find content produced by the Council here.

Contact us via to find out about more about the Council.