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The DMA’s Contact Centre Council is the home of intelligence for this field in the UK. The Contact Centre Council promotes the value of the contact centre within a business by commercialising and humanising it. The Council actively seeks to identify, shape, reinforce and share best practice. The Council aims to support marketers at all levels, from the classroom to the boardroom, keep up to date with the latest industry developments.

In 2020/21, they will do this by:

•Monitoring the regulatory landscape and produce a monthly blog for the community
•Advising on policy and legislative issues that affect contact centres including participating in government consultations on behalf of the industry
•Update and review the best practice guide on a regular basis

If you are a contact centre expert, help to shape your channel by contributing to discussions here or contact us via to find out more about the council.

Get to know the Contact Centres Council below.

Find content produced by the Council here.