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This month’s top news…

£7m or £50 to make you cry at Christmas?

Cast your mind back to a few weeks ago and grab a tissue. Did you see this on the national news?

Phil Beastall who produced the famous film which went viral and made us shed a tear will be telling his remarkable story at an exciting new event in 2019, so dry your eyes and watch this space…

Dates for your diary

Regional council meetings 2019

If you’d like to know what happens at DMA regional council meetings and join in the discussion, why not attend our first regional council meeting in 2019? It’s taking place on Thursday 10 January at 3pm and our guest speaker will be talking about creative artificial intelligence – to confirm your attendance email:

Copywriting Club – Bristol

We’re kicking off the new year and banishing the January Blues with a copywriting club which will bring a smile to your face on 17 January! Matt Skinner followed his life-long dream of becoming a comedy writer for TV and film, only to find the reality of working the industry didn’t quite match the fantasy. In this session, Matt will discuss how he transitioned from pursuing a creative career in the entertainment industry, to digital content creation for burgeoning franchises, to becoming the senior digital strategist at one of the west’s leading agencies, and why he believes that creativity with commercial restrictions can be a far more rewarding exercise than the purely artistic. To book your free place visit:

Customer Engagement – Bristol

Join us on 17 March for an exclusive launch of the latest findings from our 2018 Customer Engagement campaign report. Speakers from brands including Love Honey and leading agency Proctor and Stevenson will be sharing their experiences of how to combine data, tech and creativity to build business success.

The most successful brands put excellent customer engagement at the heart of what they do. It seems obvious. If you build a rapport with your customers, and you have something they want, then they will buy from you again and again.

Find out what the future holds for the relationship between brands and customers. We’ll take an exclusive look at the latest findings from the three previous customer engagement reports and insight from across the industry.

Secure your place early and put yourself in good stead for future engagement strategies:

It’s also good to know…

Live Brexit updates

You can keep fully up to date with the very latest Brexit developments and the potential implications for our industry via the DMA website. We’re updating our live news feed as events unfold:

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Andrew Buffrey, community manager, DMA west and Wales
T 07778572288