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News from DMA West and Wales: insights from JICMIAL and a review of the Government’s contact tracing app

Plus, unpick the theory and dive into the makings of a successful co-creation strategy

The Latest from DMA West and Wales

Find out how B2B brands are adapting in our ‘new normal’ from Proctor + Stevenson; read up on our new DMA Awards category: Thoughtful Marketing; find out why and how mail has flourished during lockdown; discuss how co-creation can benefit your business with The SHARP Agency; and Michael Sturrock, Head of Public Affairs, DMA, gives his verdict on the NHS’s contact tracing app.

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Across the globe, the pandemic is proving to be a ‘sink or swim’ situation, with brands and businesses scrambling to find new ways of working. This rings especially true for B2B brands, who traditionally rely on face-to-face relationships. Kevin Mason, Strategy and Planning Director, Proctor + Stevenson, explores how B2B brands have accelerated their digital marketing transformation, adjusting to the recent distanced business conditions.

Thoughtful Marketing: A New DMA Awards Category

In our new world of work, many brands have adjusted to our consistent belief in putting the customer first. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the Thoughtful Marketing Movement to create a new DMA Awards category. Read on to gain insights from Matt Conner, Chair of the Awards Committee, and Charlotte Langley, Brand and Communications Director, Bloom & Wild, and Chair of the Thoughtful Marketing category.

JICMAIL Q2 2020 Results Reveal Record Levels of Consumer Interaction with Mail During Lockdown

Data from JICMIAL has revealed a wealth of insight into how consumers have been interacting with their mail over lockdown. While direct mail and door drop volumes have declined during the pandemic, more time spent at home has led to double-digit increases in how much consumers are engaging with and sharing their mail.

Webinar: The Power of Co-Creation to Build a Stronger Brand

Uncover the power of co-creation and discover how it can be used to your advantage. Find out from The SHARP Agency what co-creation is, how it works, and how you can maximise its potential. Tune in to discover how co-creation can create stronger relationships with customers and create more value for the economy.

Coronavirus: Contact Tracing App is Privacy-Secure, but Still Has Issues

Michael Sturrock, Head of Public Affairs, DMA, has examined the development of the Government’s contact tracing app, released in England and Wales. He’s provided a detailed overview of the app’s privacy policy and functionality, considerations that will impact its use and effectiveness, and its specific function in venue-based contact tracing.

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