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The Vulnerable Consumers Working Group was created in 2016 to provide focus and thought leadership for marketers on how interactions with vulnerable consumers are handled by companies and charities. The Working Group is made of a group of marketers who are passionate about the service which vulnerable people receive from organisations - both those they work for and those they engage with as customers. The Working Group is focused on providing guidance to companies and charities on the practicalities of implementing policies and procedures within 'business' to better serve the needs of their vulnerable customer populations and indeed those of the whole customer base.

With many organisations now being required by their regulator to have a Vulnerable People's Policy, the Working Group recognised that this is a difficult challenge and became aware that many organisations were failing to deliver on this requirement. In response, the Working Group created and launched a framework which can be used to create an internally and externally facing policy which will aid companies and organisations in determining what their own policy will state and how the organisation will deliver on that policy through their processes and procedures.

The Working Group is Co-chaired by Managing Director of ReynoldsBusbyLee Ltd, Elaine Lee and Managing Director of KMB Ltd, Jacqui Workman who both have a wealth of experience as marketing practitioners and have both chaired the Contact Centre Council before leading the Vulnerable Consumer Working Group. Deputy Chair Matt Radford, the Donor Experience Manager at Mind, shares his extensive knowledge from the charity sector and supporting vulnerable consumers in different situations.

Find content produced by the Working Group here.

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