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Excellence in marketing training

The IDM is the institute of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA).

We set the training standards for the DMA; curate the curriculum; enforce the educational rigour; and uphold the standards of the DMA’s industry-recognised portfolio of professional qualifications for marketers, teams and businesses.


We have over 30 years’ experience of delivering world-class excellence in data-driven marketing training; learning with the IDM is a certified stamp of approval that demonstrates you keep your marketing skills sharp.


We accredit the training programmes of businesses and organisations in DMA Membership.

And we work with university partners to accredit and underpin their undergraduate marketing programmes with our proven, real-world expertise.

Smash Your Goals

Our study options span long and short formats, are customisable and scalable to help you and your business hit your professional and organisational goals.

Our Foundations 

The IDM and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) combine to deliver world-class excellence in data-driven marketing learning and training.

As the institute of the DMA, we access a membership community of marketing leaders, innovators, award-winning creatives and tech expert - and use their knowledge and acumen to infuse our learning portfolio.

That’s real-world thinking and experience to help us build study options that meet the demands of your teams and your business.

Our handpicked roster of tutors – proven marketing practitioners and subject matter experts - craft and deliver our course content.

And we evolve that content to keep you up to the pace of an ever-changing data and marketing industry.

Our learning and training approach is enshrined in six core foundations:


We elevate and champion the role of data, and help your organisation to understand the benefits and applications of data science.

Responsible Marketing

We inspire you and our industry to serve each customer with fairness and respect to cultivate a profitable and successful commercial ecosystem.

Legislative and Compliance

All tactics and strategies are taught with the understanding of the following regulations: TPS, GDPR, PECR, and ASA.


Our teaching champions creativity, creative thinking, and innovation in your marketing.

Customer Engagement

We illustrate the power of combining data, tech, and creativity to drive excellence in customer engagement in our marketing training.


Our methods are proven to boost your ability to get results and to drive you towards your business objectives.

Our Practical Approach

Our learning syllabus follows Bloom’s Taxonomy.

This educational approach - used throughout the UK education system - enables marketers to go beyond simply remembering facts and instead feel empowered and confident to implement the skills they’ve learned in a workplace environment.

To progress learners through Bloom’s Taxonomy, you’ll learn through the following applications:

  • Seeing
  • Interacting
  • Participating

This will get you closer to your course materials and help you gain a deeper understanding of how to apply your learning in the workplace.

Marketing Best Practice: The DMA Code

All DMA Members adhere to the DMA Code.

Under the hero principle of putting your customer first, the Code promotes the evolution of marketing as an exchange of value between your business - looking to prosper - and your customer - looking to benefit.

And the ethos of the Code runs through all our qualifications and training. So we educate all our marketers with a laser focus on:

  • Marketing best practices to promote real, mutually beneficial marketing effectiveness
  • Cultures of customer-centricity
  • Data-driven decision making
  • An always-on, always-aware approach to compliance

Read The Code here

Get Inspired – The DMA Awards

The DMA Awards is the most rewardingly hard to win awards in the business.

It’s where the finest campaigns come to test themselves against the unique pillars of the DMAs – creativity, strategy and results.

This is the ultimate proving ground where the work that works, shows its mettle.

And our learning syllabus is bolstered by our DMA Awards case study library where you’ll discover how the best-in-class strategic, creative and outcomes-focused thinking fuses to make unforgettable work.

You’ll learn from the best of the best.

Be wowed

Explore The Hub

All our students get access to The Hub, a plug and play platform for our Members, where you can access learning resources quickly and easily in one place.

For our Diplomas and Awards you’ll receive all the training material in interactive, online, bitesize lessons.  

The Hub has been designed to give you additional support and a rewarding learning experience.

Learn more about The Hub here

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