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Interview: Andrew Boulton on the Weird, Wonderful World of Copywriting

We interviewed Andrew Boulton, Freelance Copywriter and Senior Lecturer of Copywriting and Creative Advertising, for our Great British Creativity campaign. Read what Andrew has to say about his new book, Copywriting Is, and his experiences and advice on the beautiful, bizarre world of copywriting.

WEBINAR: JICMAIL Q1 2021: Improved mail effectiveness seen throughout the customer journey

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, analyse the effectiveness of the mail channel over recent months and highlight how these changes can be implemented for improved mail results. Register here

Door Drops' Vital Role for Brands

Join The Letterbox Consultancy, Newsquest, RSPCA, Edit, Cook Foods and On Agency to explore how door drops played a key role for businesses during the pandemic and how they will continue to help them thrive in the future.

Can customer journey analytics improve conversions?

Customer journey analytics can tell us some of what we need to know about the routes customers take, but does it help us to improve conversions?

Validity: Marketer Email Tracker

Are you ready to hear the results of the Marketer Email Tracker report? Join us to explore key findings from the report, hear insights from Validity, IPE, RAC and Specsavers and discover what's new in email and find out who's doing email well.

What is The Response Rate From Direct Mail Campaigns?

'What is the response rate from direct mail campaigns?' is undoubtedly the question our sales consultants are asked the most. Many factors influence your response, including your industry, target audience, budget, artwork, frequency, quantity, and so much more. This blog aims to give an overview...

Design is Everything. Everything.

No matter how good the quality of paper you print on, how frequently you deliver, or the precise targeting we carry out for you...if your design is terrible, none of this will benefit you! Back in 2019, we first created this blog. Now (in 2021), we are updating it, expanding it, and...

Are offline campaigns effective at driving online action?

Sarah Burns, Edit’s Head of Media Solutions examines the role print campaigns can play in generating online revenue for brands and non-profits.