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MPS: What Marketers Say

How many marketers know about mail preferences and the MPS? What’s their day-to-day experience? What are the benefits for their businesses when committing to this service? Read on to find out.

MPS: What Consumers Say

What do consumers know and think about the Mail Preference Services? What’s in it for them? Read on to find out more.

DMA and Sixth Sense Training Increase Scotland Apprenticeships

How is the DMA helping aspiring marketers get ready for the world of work? Find out about our partnership with apprenticeship provider Sixth Sense Training, DMA Scotland’s #DemocratiseDataPledge, and our new jobs board for DMA Corporate Members and Student Members.
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Door Drops Guide

DMA Door Drop guide The A-Z of door drops. Everything you need to know in order to plan, design, execute and deliver a door drop campaign.

UniFida announces partnership with Haensel AMS

Combined AI technologies enable marketers to drill right down into individual campaign effectiveness by customer segment

Loyalty Marketing: which data matters most?

A loyalty program, by its’ nature, tracks every customer interaction and builds out a powerful set of marketing data, that often becomes the key to the long-term success of the program.

The New Dawn of Direct

With digital transformation the order of the day it’s easy to wave ta-ta to more traditional ways of doing things. But, history teaches us that things don’t change as much as we - and our ‘next-big-thing’ focused industry - would have us believe. There’s a very real danger of...