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Don't underestimate the importance of a campaign brief

We’ve all been there. After completing the initial strategy and planning for a new marketing campaign, you find yourself under pressure to start delivering it straight away.

Beyond Paper: Inks, data, format

Sustainability - Beyond Paper: Inks, data, format

Fundraising Forum - Keep your charity direct mail compliant

How can you drive meaningful change to your charity's marketing and fundraising approaches? Find out alongside the DMA and other industry experts at the Fundraising Forum.

Marketreach: Discover the Power of Direct Mail

95% of direct mail is engaged with, making it the go-to channel for connecting with your audience. But why is mail such an effective medium when compared to other channels? Find out alongside Marketreach, JICMAIL, Paperplanes and Worldwide Cancer Research.

Are UK marketers accurately measuring the impact of their CO2 emissions?

When Mike Berners-Lee’s groundbreaking book, How Bad Are Bananas? – The carbon footprint of everything, was first published in 2009, many of us were seeing the phrase ‘carbon footprint’ for the first time.

Top Tips for Mail and Unaddressed Print & Door Drops Category DMA Awards Entries

As the DMA Award's Measurement Partner 2023, Ian Gibbs has recorded a video to help you submit the best entry for your DMA Awards submission and make the most of including JICMAIL data.