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Direct Mail: Discover the Power of Physical

Download a new eBook from The Royal Mail MarketReach that explores how to create connections with consumers using direct mail. Championing creativity, tangibility and the ability of print to persuade and delight, Discover the Power of Physical is a revaluation of this key component of the...

Building an Open and Inclusive Industry

Recent events and conversations have prompted the DMA to recognise the importance of talking openly about the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement and how we are working to promote greater inclusion across our industry and beyond. Find out what the DMA is doing to create change.

The DMA Politics Podcast 17: Ethical Intelligence Founder and CEO Olivia Gambelin

Episode 17 is now live! This week, Michael talks to Founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence Olivia Gambelin about her life in the world of data, tech and AI ethics, the role of her business and the myriad of ethical issues arising from the NHSX contact tracing app.

Coronavirus: Spotlight on the DMA Community

Our spotlight on the DMA Community will be a place to find insight, guidance, comments, and reflections from around the DMA’s Councils and Committee Community, and wider DMA Membership.

The Government Door Dropped 30 million Coronavirus Letters to UK Households. Why?

The Door Drop Hub examines the Government’s use of door drops throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Data Best Practice: Acquiring New Data under GDPR - A Case Study

From the DMA’s Customer Data Council, the sixth in a series of articles looking at good data practice in marketing.

Direct Mail - Don't call it a resurgence

To say direct mail is having a resurgence would be to deny its steady existence as a vital channel for many retail businesses since the mail order boom years.