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NEWS: Q4 2023 Results: 40% of website visits prompted by mail converted into online purchases

The latest quarterly results reveal that 6.5% of mail (including Direct Mail, Business Mail, Partially Addressed Mail and Door Drops) prompted a purchase in the crucial Christmas trading period. Half of these purchases were transacted online.

JICMAIL: How to get your award-worthy mail campaigns recognised

In a challenging year for consumers and marketers, it was those who created their direct mail campaigns with data, creativity, and technology that found the most success.

Marketreach Exploring the Impact of Mail in an Attention-Scarce World

Are you struggling to make your advertising stand out and grab customer attention? It might be time to rethink your strategy.

Redefining Sustainable Print Marketing

Chris Rothwell tackles the myths around digital marketing being more sustainable than print in his blog on refining sustainable print marketing through not only material improvements but performance-based changes resulting in less wastage.

Real-Time, Near-Real-Time & Batch Personalisation

Personalisation is a significant marker of progress in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing automation. It helps distinguish between the traditional and more contemporary approaches.

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) is a game-changer for marketing, but why is it often ignored?

MTA (multi-touch attribution) is an approach to measuring marketing effectiveness that works by linking all the known steps in a customer journey prior to a sale being made. It then uses machine learning to allocate weights to the value of each step according to the way they each contribute...

Royal Mail's 'Lighter Delivery' campaign wins DMA Awards Grand Prix

‘Lighter Delivery’ campaign, by Royal Mail and The Creative Consultancy, showcases the powerful impact direct mail can have while delivering its sustainability message
DMA Awards Grand Prix Winner.gif

NEWS: Q3 2023 Results - Mail's effectiveness at the sharp end of the multichannel purchase journey increases in Q3 2023

The latest quarterly results reveal that 6% of mail (including Direct Mail, Business Mail, Partially Addressed Mail and Door Drops) prompted a purchase in Q3 2023, up from 5% a year ago. For the first time, JICMAIL can report that half of these purchases were made online while just over a third...