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The Importance of Helping Stakeholders - Legacy Performance Analysis

Our research has highlighted the importance that the perception of personally benefitting from a charity has on a propensity to leave a legacy. This report delves into charities whose supporters are most likely to feel that they are a beneficiary from. The report contains some insightful and...

DMA GDPR guidance for marketers

Covering GDPR essentials; Accountability; Consent and legitimate interests; and Profiling, our guidance series takes marketers step-by-step through a GDPR journey that will transform business

Royal Mail MarketReach announced as a headline sponsor of the DMA Awards

The DMA is delighted to announce Royal Mail MarketReach as headline sponsors of the DMA Awards 2019.

Choosing channels - how to select the most effective marketing channels

Every single marketing channel you use is important. However, selecting the most effective marketing channels and getting the mix right is not as simple as it used to be.

Communicating Legacy Information - Legacy Performance Analysis

New Legacy Performance Analysis shows that PDSA supporters are 6 times more likely to feel that they have received sufficient legacy information than some other leading charities. Read our new Legacy Performance Analysis to find out more: Our new Legacy Performance Analysis...

Door Drops The Nuts and Bolts

The print council headed up North this week for a rerun of their popular London event ‘Door Drops: The Nuts and Bolts’.

Register now for Multi-channel planning with JICMAIL Webinar

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, talk you through the fascinating insights we now have on the role of direct mail and door drops when viewed through the prism of multi-channel campaign planning.