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Don't miss opportunities to engage with your supporters

Wood for Trees are running a webinar on the 12th December at 11:00 and hope you can join us to dig deeper into why it is so important to keep supporters engaged with all you do.
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Webinar: 7 Essential Insights on Partially Addressed Mail

Join our webinar to hear Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, talk you through 7 essential insights from JICMAIL uncovering the behaviour of consumers in the home.
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DMA Board Elections: Voting Now Open

DMA Member companies can now play an active role in the selection of DMA Board members

General Election 2019: The Manifestos

All major parties have released their manifestos for the General Election on 12 December. So what's in them for the data and marketing industry?

Smart Ways to Meet the Customer Acquisition Challenge

Today's business environment is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. In this climate how do you effectively acquire new customers? This blog explores smart solutions to help boost your customer acquisition strategy.

DMA Comment: HMRC, VAT Policy and Digital Advertising

HMRC’s narrow interpretation of the VAT charities and their agencies should pay on digital advertising could have significant costs implications for the entire sector. Attend the meeting to discuss what comes next or and share your views.
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Black Friday and Christmas Direct Mail Incentive 2019

Send Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail for as low as 12 pence per item.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Direct Mail Increases Engagement and Boosts Profits

Combine AI with state of the art high fusion inkjet printing and you have the ability to produce in high volume at a cost effective rate.
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