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Customer Data Council: Is Your Business Ready For Digital Transformation?

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are living differently, buying differently and in many ways, thinking differently. Read on to learn from the DMA’s Customer Data Council if your business is prepared for digital transformation.

DMA Insight: Consumers' Favourite Brands in 2020

Who won the battle for consumers’ hearts in 2020? Has the pandemic shifted people’s affections or have their top brands remained unchanged? Why do some have no attachment to any brand? Here’s our quick take on customer’s favourite brands this year.

DMA Customer Data Council: Responding to the ICO'S Experian Enforcement Notice

Hear from the Customer Data Council’s Thought Leadership and Best Practice Hub about the wider implications of the ICO’s enforcement notice against Experian and what steps you can take next.

Customer Engagement: How to Win Trust and Loyalty 2020

Our dig into customer loyalty. The last time our Customer Engagement research investigated this topic was 2018. And this time, we conducted it amid one of the most dramatic shifts our generation has ever lived and worked through.

Data Best Practice: Acquiring New Data under GDPR - A Case Study

From the DMA’s Customer Data Council, the sixth in a series of articles looking at good data practice in marketing.

Data Best Practice: Maintaining Good Data Hygiene

From the DMA’s Customer Data Council, the fifth in a series of articles looking at good data practice in marketing.

Coronavirus: New Consumer Trends - Will They Last?

So far so good. Brands who offered a good response to the pandemic have received trust from their customers. But what is going to happen now that everything is about to re-open?
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Future Trends: The Subscription Economy

The final article of this series focuses on subscriptions: an increasingly popular model to facilitate consumers in both discovering and showing their loyalty to brands. Who, among customers, does engage most with subscriptions? What do they demand from their subscriptions? What does the future...

Data Best Practice: The Power of the Privacy Notice - Case Study

From the DMA’s Customer Data Council, the fourth in a series of articles looking at good data practice in marketing.