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Regulation Hub Update - June 2020


This article is written by Rachel Goddard and Steve Sullivan who is the Deputy Chair of the Contact Centre Council.

It is over 2 months since the ICO’s last enforcement action and now that garden centres are now open in Cheshire it could be a while yet…

As some contact centres start to tentatively return to the workplace here are 10 tips on doing so from the Contact Centre Council’s own David Freedman.

If you don’t know what ‘office Tetris’ is you may well soon…

In addition there is plenty of government guidance out there, too, including specific rules and advice for office and contact centre environments.

More breach delays

And still, despite a stir over EasyJet’s tardy revelation of its own mass personal data breach, there’s no sign of a final decision from the ICO about the size of fines for BA and Marriott for their respective data breaches.

FCA looks for firms’ operational as well as financial resilience

A recent speech by an FCA executive director highlighted that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s operational expectations of firms go beyond just coping with the Covid-19 here and now to further build and demonstrate wider operational resilience. These expectations will have obvious implications for financial service sector contact centre operations.

Once again, it’s all quiet from Ofgem, this month.

A quiet month from Ofcom in terms of contact centres and marketing, however it has published its regular quarterly complaint figures (covering the period October to December 2019). Perhaps homeworking isn’t quite working out for Ofcom, because it’s only provided the raw data, with no analysis or commentary. A cursory glance shows no significant change from the typical figures over recent years. So, for instance, in broadband EE and Sky can rest easy, while Vodafone’s still on the complaints naughty step.

No tribunal ruling and fines from the PSA this month

Similarly, no news or changed guidance from the Fundraising Regulator this month, but (as it’s not been changed since the end of March) here’s a link to its guidance on fundraising under coronavirus.

No contact centre news this month from the TPS or in the world of payments.

Content accurate as of 5thJune 2020

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