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Pathways to Creativity 2020 - Activating Authenticity and Collaboration


In our recent Pathways to Creativity report, we explored a range of different long-term trends and how they highlight consumers passion for creativity. These formed four key themes that we believe aren’t just shaping the world to date, but will continue to do so tomorrow.

In this series, we will re-visit each of these themes and share some examples of how brands are already successfully activating consumers creative passions.

This article will look at ‘Authenticity and Collaboration’, with ‘Experience’ and ‘Personalisation’ explored separately. To begin, here is a quick reminder of how we define these themes:

  • Authenticity: In an era of digital overload, there will be a significant proportion of people who seek a return to more traditional crafts. Brands can also target the desire to showcase creative talent in more authentic ways by enabling customers to engage these skills to support wider social causes and issues.

  • Collaboration: Brands that create opportunities for consumers to collaborate with them to shape their brand identity will appeal to creative consumers seeking outlets for their creative ideas and self-expression.

Case Studies

Pause for Mind

Mind & Open Creates collaborated to ‘Pause for Mind’ campaign and won the Gold Charity DMA Awards 2019.

With this little me-time treat delivered to the customer’s door each month, Mind has created a new way to recruit regular supporters to help deliver its work.

The idea was born from the insight that the under-55 female audience is awake to mental health issues and they’re also already engaged with brands like Birchbox. This prompted a new product that could offer little moments of happiness in return for a small donation.

The price was set at an accessible £7.50 per month for an efficient ROI. But by feeling like a premium lifestyle offering, the brand is giving value to supporters, while balancing with the sensitivities of mental health messaging. Pause has allowed the brand to hit its annual recruitment targets within the first six months.

Let Consumers into Your Brand Development

Arfa is a USA personal care brand with the tagline “stakeholders, not consumers”. Its philosophy is to involve customers directly in the creation, testing and marketing of its products. 5% of profits will be directed to customers who get involved with the brand – it's “co-pilots” who form part of a group called The Collective. The company launched its first brand, HIKI – a range of sweat products including deodorants - in March 2020.

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