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2019 Gold Charity


Agency: Open Creates

Client: Mind

Campaign Name: Pause for Mind

Campaign Overview

With mental health making headlines, Mind wanted a new way to recruit regular supporters to help deliver its work.


Mind was reliant on supporters close to the cause but required change to stay relevant in a crowded market.

Insight showed the target under-55 female audience were awake to mental health issues But they also positively engage with brands like Birchbox.

This prompted a new product that could offer little moments of happiness in return for a small donation.

The price was set at an accessible ££7.50 per month for an efficient ROI.

Mind built engagement using social channels that were favourites of the audience, particularly for shopping.


The product - Pause - needed to feel like a premium lifestyle offer giving value to supporters, while balancing with the sensitivities of mental health messaging.

It also needed to be visually arresting to compete with wellbeing brands, but remain true to Mind's core values: open, kind and courageous.

Pause unveiled a friendly, clear and simple tone of voice, with brevity providing space for a design that would help people express themselves, find calm and feel good.

A soft colour palette, illustrations, warm and calming design elements did the trick while giving Pause a premium feel so it offered value.


Pause has surpassed all KPI targets, hitting annual recruitment targets within the first six months.

Cost per acquisition in Facebook and Instagram is £28.50, delivering £216,996 income to date.

The volume of new regular givers now accounts for 44% of Mind's regular giving donor file.

Mind says it has been transformational for the organisation.

The Team

Louise Lai, Client Services Director, Open - Liz Campbell-Black, Account Director, Open - Lydia Skinner, Designer, Open - Nicki Longfoot, Senior Copywriter, Open - Ali Walker-Davies, Head of Planning & Strategy, Open - Ed Veasey, Senior Direct Marketing Officer, Mind - Louisa Davies, Head of Marketing, Mind - Louisa Combs, Senior Direct Marketing Officer, Mind - Oana Visterneanu, Direct Marketing Officer, Mind - Cerys Glen, Open



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