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Pathways to Creativity 2020 - Activating Experience


In our recent Pathways to Creativity report, we explored a range of different long-term trends and how they highlight consumers passion for creativity. These formed four key themes that we believe aren’t just shaping the world to date, but will continue to do so tomorrow.

In this series, we will re-visit each of these themes and share some examples of how brands are already successfully activating consumers creative passions.

This article will look at ‘Experience’, with ‘Authenticity and Collaboration’ and ‘Personalisation’ explored separately. To begin, here is a quick reminder of how we define this theme:

  • Experience: Brands that create memorable, unique and creative experiences for consumers within their customer engagement campaigns can appeal to creative consumers’ strong desires to experience new things, gain new knowledge and enjoy creativity.

Case Studies

Augmented Reality Helps a New Ship Set Sail

To launch their biggest, greenest and more innovative ship to date, P&O wanted to let customers experience it even before it was ready to board. To do so, they created an augmented reality experience that gave recipients an interactive 3D experience – using just the piece of mail and their phone.

Once the experience was opened and the phone held over the image of Iona, the ship burst into life and could be explored from bow to stern. These include images of the vast glass-domed entertainment ‘SkyDome’, the relaxation area on the top deck, cabins and the Grand Atrium. week.

Becoming a Trusted Source for Creative Skills

Equal Parts launched by Partner Brands sells cookware with cooking lessons. Each product comes with eight-week access to an expert chef via text. They can ask about topics ranging from new techniques to how to freestyle with whatever is in the fridge – with experts on hand to reply during peak cooking and shopping hours. The service, which caters to beginners and seasoned cooks alike, introduces new ideas over time to ensure that users are always learning useful skills and express creativity in the kitchen.

Bringing Homelessness to Life

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through advice, support and legal services. The charity also campaigns to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.

In March 2020, the charity worked Thyngs (a cashless donation specialist) to create an interactive postcard, which included an NFC and QR Code. Once scanned, the card led recipients through the story of Rhys – a young man who had experienced long-term homelessness – showing how the charity helped him get back on his feet.

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