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Below you'll find an archive of our previous webinars. To register for any upcoming webinars visit our events page

DMA Awards: Unplugged

Ever wondered what it takes to win a DMA award? We've enlisted the help of some DMA Awards experts from RAPP UK, WW, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE and Ogilvy to help you make your Awards entry stand out from the crowd.

DPO: Marketing Vs Service Email and the Soft Opt-In

As the pandemic creates even more distance between businesses and their customers, the drive to increase efficient and effective marketing campaigns continues to intensify. Tune in to hear from The DPO Centre on the distinction between service and sales email messaging.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice: Communicating the Value Exchange of Customer Data

How can businesses be clear and open about data capture, so that their customers will have a continually positive experience with them? Join experts from the DMA, OneTrust PreferenceChoice, TwentyCi, and DPN Associates to find out.

Build Your Talent Pool with Marketing and Data Apprentices

Demystify apprenticeships alongside DMA Talent and JGA Apprentices. This online event will provide expert insights on the Government incentive for businesses to take an apprentice onboard, how you can offer an apprenticeship scheme, and more.

Royal Mail MarketReach: How Mail Can Help Build Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score has become an increasing focus for businesses, helping them react to customer sentiment, improve brand loyalty, and reduce churn. Tune in to hear from Royal Mail MarketReach and Waitrose & Partners to explore how mail can help you improve NPS.

The Upskilling Imperative - Building a Future Ready Workforce

Join the DMA alongside Royal London to discover how your organisation can start a data and digital talent journey, one that accelerates productivity and inclusive growth through funding of infrastructure, skills, and innovation.