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Domino's Pizza Blippar case study


We had success to date with QR codes our door drop campaigns so augmented reality was the obvious next step for us as a more dynamic tool for engaging with Domino's Pizza customers. We’d run a Blippar campaign at the start of this year on six sheets and it seemed perfect for our menus during our recent Mexicano campaign.

Augmented reality gives us the chance to add another layer of interactivity into a channel which is otherwise quite static. Another key consideration for using Blippar was that we could encourage interaction but without having a major impact on the creative of our menus.

We’re always looking for new ways to encourage customers to engage with our brand and, by using Blippar for this campaign, we were able to offer them exclusive value as a reward.

Online orders account for such an increasingly large proportion of our business and mobile sales are naturally a key part within this. As such we’re placing a greater emphasis on mobile within our marketing mix. Blippar fitted the bill here extremely well.

The Mexicano Blippar campaign not only provided a fast, fun piñata game with prizes up for grabs, but also enabled customers to go straight through to our ordering website and become a Facebook fan.

We were really pleased with campaign. It generated great levels of engagement and helped really bring our Mexicano menus to live with a real taste of Mexico!

Nick Dutch, multimedia manager, Domino’s Pizza

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