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Maya Bull

Maya Bull

Guardian News and Media
Head of CRM

Maya is currently Head of CRM at The Guardian, previously to this she has held roles at PayPal,, Sportingbet and JustGiving. Here, Anthony Wilkey, Adobe and fellow DMA Email Council member interviews Maya.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Happy, Funny, Loyal

How would your friends describe you?
Gives good advice. Should probably listen to her own advice a little more.

What's the best advice you ever received?
Stress is perceived lack of control.

What's your life motto?
Worrying about it doesn’t put money in the bank.

What is your pet hate?
When you’re walking in flip flops and someone stands on the back of one of them – you’re in my personal space AND standing on my flip flop!!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Reading Mail Showbiz Online

Describe what you do in one sentence
Design customer journeys that connect to the Guardian audience to deepen engagement and generate revenue.

How would you explain it to your parents?
If I’m doing my job then my dad can still visit the Guardian website for free!

Best (professional) advice you ever received
Networking – it’s just talking to people.

Person (professional) that I most admire?
Zarine Kharas (CEO Justgiving).

What is your work mantra?
Of the publishable ones: Don’t take things personally. Keep things in perspective. No one is ever going to spend as long reading something as you take write it.

The best thing about my job is...
I work at the Guardian.

The one thing I wish everyone knew about email is…
It’s a brilliant, cost effective and powerful tool to connect with customers.

The email I always open is…
Guardian Sleevenotes

The email I always delete is…
Anything from the Telegraph (It’s competitor research!)