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Industry Diversity: Disability and Health

What does ‘diversity’ really mean? In this article, we explore disability and health to have a clear picture of what the data and marketing industry looks like today. Read on to find out.

Direct Mail & Legitimate Interest- Is 3rd party data dead?

3rd party marketing lists are crucial for marketers trying to acquire new customers, especially when using direct mail. This article will investigate the challenges of using purchased lists and highlight methods to ensure compliance with the GDPR and the DMA Code.

The DMA Politics Podcast 18: Dr Philippa Whitford MP

This week, Michael chats to the SNP Spokesperson for Health and member of Parliament for Central Ayrshire about the Scottish Government's new contact tracing app, Protect Scotland.

Door Drop Standards

Advice regarding things to look for and to clarify with your door drop supplier.

DDI initiative Launches New Creative Industries White Paper

The proposals from DDI creative industries sector lead, Caroline Parkinson, outlines the need for data skills in the sector and reflects on the progress made so far.

Test and Trace: What Does it Mean for Marketers?

Find out how Test and Trace provides opportunities for building your customer database, promoting your social channels, and marketing opportunities.

Test and Trace Data Collection- What Has Changed?

Last night, the UK government outlined changes to Test and Trace Data Collection, coming into effect from the 18th of September, will mean that data collection to enable NHS test and Trace will become mandatory for certain types of businesses.

DMA Email Council: How to Use Registration Forms to Get Marketing Opt-In

Webinars, whitepapers, free wifi, online events and services are all created for lead generation and customer acquisition. This guide explains how to navigate the legal requirements while still achieving your goals

CCS Survey on SMEs Winning Government Procurement Contracts

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) seek input from SMEs for improving access to government contracts.