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Royal Mail MarketReach: How Mail Can Help Build Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score has become an increasing focus for businesses, helping them react to customer sentiment, improve brand loyalty, and reduce churn. Tune in to hear from Royal Mail MarketReach and Waitrose & Partners to explore how mail can help you improve NPS.

The Upskilling Imperative - Building a Future Ready Workforce

Join the DMA alongside Royal London to discover how your organisation can start a data and digital talent journey, one that accelerates productivity and inclusive growth through funding of infrastructure, skills, and innovation.

DMA Guide to Dialler Use 2021

What steps should you take for obtaining and using automated dialling solutions in a contact centre environment? Our latest guide supports new and experienced users of tech-based automated dialling solutions. Find expert insights on choosing a dialling solution and maximising operation efficiency.

Creative Data Academy 2021 'Scotland' - Entry level vacancies wanted

DMA Talent’s Creative Data Academy returns to Scotland in late July. We want to help attendees find that all essential first job opportunity into the Scottish data & marketing industry whether it be an entry level permanent position or a placements.

Industry Diversity: Discussing Growth Opportunities

How can we improve the industry’s retention and progression of talent? In 2020, the DMA and Culture Heroes conducted an industry survey aimed at understanding how to develop and implement strategies to encourage more inclusive work environments.

Regulation Hub Update - June 2021

DMA Contact Centre Council meet every month to actively seek to identify, reinforce, share, and shape best practice. Find their regulation update here.

Code Worldwide confirmed as sponsors of UK wide Creative Data Academy

DMA Talent's UK wide Academy will run from Wednesday 8 – Friday 10 September, giving 30 aspiring data-driven marketers the opportunity to learn from data and marketing professionals and discover what working in the industry is like.

Call For Member Input: ICO guidance on Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and privacy enhancing technologies guidance

The ICO is calling for views on the first draft chapter of its Anonymisation, pseudonymisation and privacy-enhancing technologies draft guidance.