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DMA: The Membership

A new-look DMA. A new look DMA Membership.

Coronavirus: How Are Employees Coping?

Remember when you and your colleagues used to work together in the same room? It’s not so long ago but already people’s opinions and experiences about working from their own home appear divisive. Are employees concerned about their wellbeing? Are organisations able to support employees in...

Coronavirus: Damian Collins MP Launches Fact-Checking Service to Tackle Virus Misinformation

Infotagion: COVID-19 uses WHO, UK and other official government advice to counter misinformation in the social media sphere

The Class of 2019 - Award-Winners Showcase I

The 2019 DMA Awards were packed with amazing work. But what lies behind the brilliance - and what lessons can we learn? Find out from MullenLowe Open, Health Education England, OLIVER, The Guardian Proximity London, IKEA UK and TMW Unlimited.

Investigating Email: So, How Do Hotmail Users Actually Behave?

Email marketers have long been interested in whether the characteristics of their address owners might vary depending on their inbox provider. Read on as the DMA’s Email Council decide if this rings true.

Coronavirus - Business, Finance and HR Help

To help you and your business gain as much insight as possible in light of the upheaval wrought by coronavirus, we hosted an online session that examined the business impacts of the outbreak.

Consumer Experience Guide: Defining Customer Experience

There are many terms and buzzwords around customer experience. The B2B Council have complied their own glossary to help define customer experience.

Coronavirus: Planning Your Next Move

The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on people’s lives, families and communities. Organisations are facing significant challenges as they are asked to rapidly change the way they work and make decisions. Read on to learn how to plan your next move.

DMA Calls For Banks to Rethink Their Approach to CBILs

Banks are demanding unfavourable repay rates of the government-backed loans announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak this week.