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Email Gets Results, So Why the Underinvestment?

Email delivers results and there’s plenty of room for innovation, so why the under-investment? Email continues to lead, compared to all other channels. Innovation is high on the agenda too. But the latest Email Marketing Industry Census suggests it still doesn’t receive the spend it...

Scottish Government release Brexit Support Grant for SMEs

The grant provides between £2000-£4000 for use in a range of activities to help businesses based in Scotland prepare for Brexit.

Regulation Hub Update - October 2019

DMA Contact Centre Council meet every month to actively seek to identify, reinforce, share and shape best practice. Find their regulation update here.

The DMA in Scotland

A warm welcome to your autumnal round-up of everything you need to know about our upcoming DMA activities in Scotland

Your Data and Digital Transformation Development Plan - An Infographic Guide

The Customer Data Council’s Digital Transformation Hub have created an infographic guide to developing your own data and digital transformation plan. Click through to take a look and start planning your own transformation.

Creative effectiveness in door drop - examples from 2019

The DMA Door Drop hub delves into Creativity in Print, showcasing some of the best Door Drops to grace our doormats in 2019.

LEAD Scotland 2019

The Advertising Association will hold its inaugural LEAD Scotland event on 14 November where leaders from the DMA, RBS, Sky, and The&Partnership Scotland will gather together to discuss advertising and its effect on the Scottish economy and in the wider realm. Read on to find out more about this...

Personal Data: Control, Trust, and Value

Our very own MD, Rachel Aldighieri, spoke about the value of data at the Advertising Association’s fringe event at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on 24 September. Read on for more information about the discussion and more about the DMA’s Value of Data campaign.