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The DMA Partners with Race Equality Matters

The DMA is committed to driving greater diversity and inclusion in the UK data and marketing industry, and we’ve partnered with Race Equality Matters (REM) to help push our initiatives forward
Race Equality Matters

Business Trends and Pressures in 2021: Insights from an Applied Futurist

As part of DMA North's regional content, guest contributor Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist, gives his insights on what he expects from the year ahead, including extended adolescence, an increase in automation, and a rise in freelance work.

University of Edinburgh: Industry Partnership - Call for MSc Project Proposals

The University of Edinburgh is offering students the opportunity to work with external partners, giving companies access to talented MSc students. Read on for more details on the programme and how it works.

Edinburgh's Very Different Hogmanay 2020

Edinburgh, and Scotland, celebrated Hogmanay a very different way in 2020. Underbelly had no festivals in Edinburgh in 2020, but what they gave back to the city in beautiful creative was simply breath taking.

Make Security Your Organisation's New Year's Resolution

As part of DMA Scotland's regional content, guest contributor Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) gives their insights on where to start when looking after your organisation’s cybersecurity.

DMA Email Council: Understanding What Drives Email Performance

The publishing, not-for-profit and utilities sectors have all seen declines in their email performance since 2016, according to DMA research. What are the potential factors driving this trend? Saravanan Subburam helps us understand what’s driving email performance by looking through the lens...

DMA Insight: Consumers' Favourite Brands in 2020

Who won the battle for consumers’ hearts in 2020? Has the pandemic shifted people’s affections or have their top brands remained unchanged? Why do some have no attachment to any brand? Here’s our quick take on customer’s favourite brands this year.

Future Trends 2021

The Future Trends 2021 series is finally here. As with previous editions the objective of this collection is to inspire organisations to find innovative and diverse ways to respond to new customer behaviours and desires.

Data & Marketing Commission Annual Report 2019-2020

Data, privacy and quality continue to lead complaints received by the Data & Marketing Commission (DMC), while the total number falls year-on-year