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Pathways to Creativity 2020 - Activating Personalisation


In our recent Pathways to Creativity report, we explored a range of different long-term trends and how they highlight consumers passion for creativity. These formed four key themes that we believe aren’t just shaping the world to date, but will continue to do so tomorrow.

In this series, we will re-visit each of these themes and share some examples of how brands are already successfully activating consumers creative passions.

This article will look at ‘Personalisation’, with ‘Authenticity and Collaboration’ and ‘Experience’ explored separately. To begin, here is a quick reminder of how we define this theme:

  • Personalisation: Brands are invited to find new avenues to allow customers to tailor their service and product propositions, embedding a level of consumer creativity into their commercial proposition.

Case Studies

Becoming a Creativity Incubator

Ketel One Botanical Vodka has partnered with interior design firm Homepolish to launch the Ketel One Botanical Oasis, a private space for WeWork Irving Place members that simply want to escape their stressful work life for a moment.

Enabling Hyper-Personalisation at Scale

Print the Future launched a pop-up shop in Manhattan showcasing 3D printing of homeware. The company aims to help designers convert their ideas into objects that can be sold direct-to-consumer and widen the awareness of the benefits of 3D printing including customisation.

Making Social Media Interactive

Launched in India and Indonesia in 2019, Resso is a social network and music streaming platform that was created by ByteDance, the owner of TikTok. It distinguishes itself from competitors like Spotify and Apple Music through its heavily TikTok-inspired interface and features. Users can follow synced lyrics, annotate songs with photos, GIFs and videos and share clips on other platforms.

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