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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2019

Our latest insights into the door drop industry

The Ethical Marketing Movement

Phrasee and Vitreous World went to 4,000 consumers and 400 marketers across the UK and the USA to get the full picture of the attitudes towards unethical marketing. Join the ethical marketing movement to build a better industry future.

Creating better customer experience

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. IBM Watson Marketing examines nine of the most exciting trends that are developing marketing in 2019. Take advantage of these transformations and stay on top.

GDPR: A Year On

GDPR is now a year old. Let's take a detailed look into the cultural shift that's taken place, and the change of opinion.
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Marketer email tracker 2018

How aware are marketers about the GDPR? And what are they aware of? What are their plans? Understand this, more insight on the place of email in marketing strategy, email testing approaches and best content techniques in email with our 2018 tracker. Produced in partnership with dotmailer.
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Marketer email tracker 2019

You reap what you sow. Email remains the core of effective multichannel campaigns.