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Consumer Email Tracker 2023

What do customers think about email? The latest Consumer Email Tracker reveals consumers find an increasing number of marketing emails useful as year-on-year clicks on emails increase.

DMA Insight: Data and Training are Key Challenges Facing the Industry

Insights from the DMA Awards 2022 judges provide an overview of the changes and trends impacting the data and marketing industry over recent years. The latest figures reveal key challenges around data and training that need to be overcome.

Customer Engagement: Future Trends 2023

The customer engagement landscape is continually evolving and growing. But what will come next? Read our latest Future Trends report, in partnership with Foresight Factory, to find out. 

Data Management for Marketers: Breaking Down Consent and Preferences 2022

How can you maximise the value of your customer data? New research from OneTrust and the DMA highlights the importance of implementing a reliable consent and preference management solution.

Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report

As the use of third-party cookies fades away, personalisation is getting a makeover. Companies are now using their own data and AI to offer more relevant, consent-based experiences that meet customer expectations for both privacy and personal touch. Find out more in the latest Customer...
Customer Engagement: Future Trends Report 2024