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Coronavirus: November 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The seventh phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of coronavirus reveals rising levels of concerns about the long-term economic effects, as businesses enter the pivotal festive season for many of them. Read on to find out how the latest lockdown and new restrictions have impacted the...

Industry insights drive new Ad Net Zero 2030 target

New report from the Advertising Association’s Climate Action Working Group estimated the UK industry’s impact on the environment and sets a new target to achieve net zero emissions over the next decade.

Data Management: Breaking Down Consent and Preferences

A report to showcase the value of managing data correctly. Brands that go beyond just compliance with legal requirements can guarantee the maximum value for and from their customer data.

DMA Coronavirus Survey: Tell Us How the DMA Can Help You

Coronavirus continues to impact us all and much of the UK is facing the prospect of further restrictions over the Winter. So whether you’ve responded before or it’s your first time, your feedback will help ensure the support you and our industry needs throughout this time.

DMA Insight: Understanding the Real Impact and Return of Email

A snapshot of our Email Benchmarking Report 2020 – a reliable benchmark for brands, service providers, and agencies to gauge their email performance.

Investigating Email: Getting Returns On Email

Marketers’ estimate of the returns for every £1 spent on email remained strong in 2020, but what do the most successful programmes look like and the organisations that are running them? Read on to find more about how and which businesses are getting the best return on their emails.