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Marketer Email Tracker 2020

Once again marketers reminded us of the multi-faceted role that email plays in the communication between brands and consumers across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Email is not only a transactional channel, but one that can be used to inform and build long-lasting relationships.

Coronavirus: Understanding Consumers Attitudes to Data and Privacy

Data will be key to navigating a safe return to ‘normality’ from the Coronavirus, but this cannot happen at the expense of the privacy and protections consumers have a right to. Read on to find out how the insights into consumers’ attitudes to data and privacy shed light on how to speak to...

Coronavirus: An Update on European Employees' Lives

How do people working in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain feel and how are they responding to the coronavirus pandemic? Forrester’s data sheds light on how European employees are coping.

Coronavirus: How Are Employees Coping?

Remember when you and your colleagues used to work together in the same room? It’s not so long ago but already people’s opinions and experiences about working from their own home appear divisive. Are employees concerned about their wellbeing? Are organisations able to support employees in...

Investigating Email: So, How Do Hotmail Users Actually Behave?

Email marketers have long been interested in whether the characteristics of their address owners might vary depending on their inbox provider. Read on as the DMA’s Email Council decide if this rings true.

Coronavirus: Planning Your Next Move

The coronavirus outbreak is having a huge impact on people’s lives, families and communities. Organisations are facing significant challenges as they are asked to rapidly change the way they work and make decisions. Read on to learn how to plan your next move.