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Investigating E-receipts - What's in It for Customers and Brands

Why do consumers like e-receipts? How can they benefit businesses too? What barriers should organisations be aware of and how can they overcome them? Experts from the DMA Email Council’s Research Hub answer all these questions and more.

DMA Insights: Apprenticeships Are a Win-Win

Apprenticeships should be an important part of the talent strategy for the data and marketing industry – but why? In this article we highlight the benefits for both apprentices and businesses, making crystal clear why you should start an apprenticeship scheme today.

Future Trends: In-Game Brand Experience

Gaming is a popular pastime and, especially during the pandemic’s lockdowns. How can you improve their overall experience by introducing your brand into the in-game environment? Read on and discover how consumers have changed and created new ways to interact with their brands when using games.

Investigating Email: Younger Audiences and Email

While email remains the ideal way to communicate with their favourite brands, there are other channels that grab their attention of young audiences. Read on and find out how this age group is interacting with their email inbox and get a few tips to improve your email programmes.

Apprenticeships - 13 Things You Should Know

A bitesize guide of 13 key points for all those who want to implement an apprenticeship programme or simply learn more about this recruitment strategy.

Future Trends: Power of Brand Coalitions

Following the revisited analysis of subscriptions, this next piece of our Future Trends 2021 series will focus on loyalty. Specifically, the power that brand coalitions could have on what both customer acquisition and loyalty programmes look like in the future.