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Global Data Privacy: What the Consumer Really Thinks

Despite cultural and economic differences, consumers around the world increasingly see value in sharing their data. Explore key findings from the GDMA’s data privacy launch event.

Future Trends: The Value of Sustainability

Your sustainable choices and actions make you unique. While other factors remain important, brands should invest in the opportunities’ sustainability can offer to gain and retain customers. Find out how to act on what’s close to your customers’ heart and start building today a more...

Future Trends: Influence in the Age of Social Media

What does ‘influence’ look like as we are living between the physical and the digital world? Social media and the other digital channels are good at getting your customers’ attention, but do they influence purchasing behaviour?

MPS: What Marketers Say

How many marketers know about mail preferences and the MPS? What’s their day-to-day experience? What are the benefits for their businesses when committing to this service? Read on to find out.

MPS: What Consumers Say

What do consumers know and think about the Mail Preference Services? What’s in it for them? Read on to find out more.

DMA Insights: Values Are Changing How Consumers Shop

Could your brand support consumers by developing offerings that align with their personal values? The public look to businesses with local credentials to support their communities, feel better connected with their neighbourhoods, and make more sustainable choices