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GDPR: A consumer perspective

What do the people you market to think about GDPR? Is the direction of travel of the legislation understood or still shrouded in mystery? Dig in to the latest DMA and Acxiom research and take a look at the present and the future of the data exchange landscape.
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GDPR and you, chapter one

New research shows how aware and prepared marketers are for the GDPR and who they think is responsible for the changes.
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Data privacy - An industry perspective

Now that the whole GDPR run-up is over, catch your breath and give yourself the time to read a new book. No worries - same encyclopaedia, just a new title to talk about the data privacy law’s first impact, its multifaceted complexity and future developments.
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GDPR and you, chapter two

A quarter of businesses are not on course to meet coming GDPR changes, and B2B marketers are the least prepared, but the Brexit vote has not had the impact feared according to new DMA research
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Data privacy: what the consumer really thinks

Is transparency the key to making consumers happy with data sharing? Ahead of GDPR our latest report, created in partnership with Acxiom, digs deep into how we all feel about data and how businesses can create trust with their customers.
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GDPR and you, chapter four

With less than seven months until the GDPR is implemented, we conducted our fourth in a series of surveys on marketers' attitudes towards the GDPR. Here's what they had to say.