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Heaven or Hell's Kitchen: Insights from a Freelance Creative Director on Lockdown Inspiration

The pandemic has changed our world of work, but has it impacted freelancers used to remote working in the same ways? Creative Director Ian Fletcher explores what is normal, living in a similar world where we try so hard to be different, and finding inspiration – from his kitchen.

DMA Insight: Less Can Be More for Door Drops

A snappy overview of the most accurate estimate available of the volume and value of the door drop market in the UK. Read on to find out the latest about this engaging media channel.

Coronavirus: July 2020 - Business Impacts Barometer

Find out how your organisation fits in with others across the UK data and marketing industry in response to the pandemic. Uncover the findings from the fifth phase of our examination of how businesses have been impacted in July.

Coronavirus: July 2020 - The Impacts on Business

The fifth phase of the DMA’s survey into the impact of the Coronavirus reveals first signs of recovery, but with heightened concerns about job retention. Read on to find out the latest views from the data and marketing industry amid the pandemic.

World-Class Data Management Never Takes Its Eye Off the Future

How can you balance immediate priorities with future development? Discover how your brand can achieve maximum potential through the paper on data management by Matt Heffer, VP, Solutions, and Emma Martin, Senior Lead, Advertising Consultancy, at Merkle EMEA.
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The DMA in the West, Wales and Midlands

What's on offer for those in the west and Wales in the coming months from the DMA, IDM and Employability

The Impact of Lockdown Trends on Digital Marketing

How did the lockdown impact the way companies perceive digital marketing? Scot Livingstone, Channel Manager at Moment Agency, explores how it took something drastic for many businesses to start thinking seriously about it, and the coronavirus trends that contributed to this revaluation.

DMA Email Council and ISBA: Customer Engagement - Roundtable

How do you gain or maintain relevance with audiences by email in these times of change? In collaboration with the ISBA, the DMA Email Council participated in a roundtable discussion to help the National Trust and Sainsbury’s Bank tackle these challenges.
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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2020

The latest edition of the DMA’s annual report into the state of door drops.