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StyleSnap will empty your pockets

Just like shopping at Amazon’s online store, Amazon Go or Whole Foods, StyleSnap is the latest example of how Amazon leverages artificial intelligence to make a difference in the lives of their customer base.


Join us for the latest marketing technology fest on 30 October 2019 in London

Direct Line confirmed as sponsors of DMA Breakthrough Award 2019

We’re delighted to announce Direct Line will be sponsoring the DMA Breakthrough Award for the second year in a row.

Business Skills Census 2019

Last year we asked marketers to identify those skills they believe fundamental to their current and future career. We consulted them once again to identify the skills and challenges that are important to their businesses’ success.

Notes from the Big Debate

Marketers, experts, and email enthusiasts gathered together on Monday 10 July to discuss and debate a very important question: How relevant are marketing emails? This event was sponsored by Pure360
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Future Trends: The Homeworker

We no longer need to be in a specific place to do something or talk to someone. In this second article of the Future Trends series we'll see how the concept of ‘working’ is no longer constricted to the ‘office’ and leaving the home for work is no longer necessary.

Masterclass: Recognising the needs of vulnerable consumers and how to make reasonable adjustments

Get the training you need from the experts to help your company compliantly and responsibly handle vulnerable consumers.

Value of Data: Scottish Parliament Reception

The DMA hosted 100 people from business, academia and politics to discover the Value of Data campaign.

The DMA welcomes New Secretaries of State and Ministers to Government

The Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP takes key role at DCMS, the Rt. Hon. Andrea Leadsom MP leads BEIS and The Rt. Hon. Alister Jack MP becomes head of Scotland Office.