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Why study with the DMA?

DMA courses and qualifactions are underpinned by DMA best practice guidance and award-winning case study content, so you know your team are not only learning from the best marketers —but also the very best campaigns.

US pulls out of international efforts to create global data flow rules

The United States' representative to the WTO said they needed to create 'policy space' for debating the issues.

Why our judges get involved

We asked members of the Customer Data Council and Value of Data Committee to join us in writing a three-part series to let you know about what they look for when they are judging, their experience of judging this year’s awards, and what made the award winners stand out in their categories.

Bundles of upskilling, curated for you.

We're offering 3 for 2 on all DMA masterclasses until 31 Jan, allowing you to curate the perfect marketing training package for your team.

Creative Effectiveness in Door Drops: November 2023

The DMA Door Drop hub delves into Creativity in Print, showcasing some of the best Door Drops to grace our doormats. In this month’s edition, Nick Brown, Sales Director at Newsquest, dives into a recent Door Drop from a local business selling firewood.

Retail Marketing Effectiveness 2023 report

While the overall cross-sector picture of marketing effectiveness has remained muted in the past year, retail marketers have bucked the trend by recording a six-year high — but just how did they do it?
Retail Marketing effectiveness report 2023

What our judges saw: Results

Media Council and Customer Engagement Committee members reflect on the work they saw at the DMA Awards Judging 2023 in a variety of categories, singling out the themes that struck them, and the measures that mattered.

Fundraising Forum - Keep your charity direct mail compliant

How can you drive meaningful change to your charity's marketing and fundraising approaches? Find out alongside the DMA and other industry experts at the Fundraising Forum.