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Sustainability Glossary from the DMA Print Council

The many terms around sustainability can become confusing. To help others better understand the process and provide support for a more sustainable future, the DMA Print Council has shared important words and phrases, as well as successful industry projects.

Creative Effectiveness in Door Drops: September 2021

The DMA Door Drop hub delves into Creativity in Print, showcasing some of the best Door Drops to grace our doormats.

Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2021

Read the latest edition of the DMA’s annual report on the state of door drops and their position in the wider marketing mix. Figures show the important role door drops have played in engaging and informing consumers during these challenging times.

DMA Insight: Email Objectives and What it Takes to Set Them Right

Do all marketers feel comfortable about their email marketing knowledge? Is all the needed information tracked and available? Does this knowledge turn into action? These are all questions that should have a clear and sound ‘yes’ when marketers sit down to set their email objectives.

DMA Guide to Dialler Use 2021

What steps should you take for obtaining and using automated dialling solutions in a contact centre environment? Our latest guide supports new and experienced users of tech-based automated dialling solutions. Find expert insights on choosing a dialling solution and maximising operation efficiency.

Multi-Channel Guidance for Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances

How can we best support consumers in vulnerable circumstances? Read the multi-channel guide for businesses from the DMA Vulnerable Consumers Working Group and DMA Contact Centre Council.

Regulation Hub Update - July & August 2021

DMA Contact Centre Council meet every month to actively seek to identify, reinforce, share, and shape best practice. Find their regulation update here.

Customer Engagement starts with clean data

Scott Logie, Chair of the DMA’s Customer Engagement Committee, and Customer Engagement Director, REaD Group, discusses why SMEs must start prioritising clean data in order to improve their customer engagement.