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The DMA is the UK’s trade association for the data and marketing industry. Our vision is a data and marketing industry where every organisation takes a ‘customer-first’ approach. As the voice of the data and marketing industry, our responsibility is to prove the responsible and innovative use of data in marketing drives business growth. We set the standards for the good of marketers, and most importantly, customers. We empower marketers to drive growth and prove the value of data through public affairs, resources, learning, and talent. With over 700 organisations, the DMA is the UK’s largest community made up of 27,000+ marketers.

Guided by our customer-first principles enshrined in the DMA Code, we champion a rich fusion of technology, diverse talent, creativity, research and insight to set standards for the UK’s data and marketing community to meet in order to thrive.

Be part of Europe’s only association for data and marketing professionals.

  • Join a network of over 27,000+ marketing experts, from industry leaders to rising stars.
  • We’re trusted by over 700 organisations, all dedicated to driving marketing effectiveness, fairly and transparently.
  • When you join us you’re committing to a marketing industry where customers are the priority and people come first.
  • We champion the ethical use of data to support you in driving growth for your business.
  • Strengthen your team, shape your industry, and put your customers first, by joining Europe’s biggest data and marketing association.

Empower your business, strengthen your team, shape your industry, and put your customers first, by joining the DMA.

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