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Clearly there is a natural cognitive bias to believe that the work one does is viewed more positively by society at large than it actually is. Marketers are often natural optimists, so perhaps our bias is also more pronounced. I suspect most people also believe that, because they are responsible and keep their promises, their customers will recognise this and therefore be more willing to share. However, as the saying goes it only takes one bad apple in the barrel to spoil the rest. So whenever consumers have a bad experience with one organisation, it impacts their trust of the other players as well. This to my mind means that effective industry self-regulation must include a strong degree of punishing the less responsible players - to avoid the good guys being tarred with the same brush in the eyes of the public.
Bit of a misleading headline, but that's marketing for you! This study shows that 80% of people would opt in to emails they wanted. Canada recently went through this re-opt-in process for real with CASL. Care to guess what the results were? Certainly wasn't 6%!

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