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Creative Case Study - Bluebird Care Door Drop


Blog written by Rob Henry, Managing Director of Leaflet Drop Marketing and member of the Door Drop Hub of the Print Council.

This bluebird care leaflet screams “we care” and certainly gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling from start to finish.

Designed in a 3-fold style, the leaflet is packed full of relevant information with pictures that ooze kindness in a user friendly, easy to carry brochure. Right from the front page, bluebird care set the tone, with the opening front-page image, full of smiles and warmth, followed by the strapline – “Home is where the heart is.. Let’s keep it there..” with the ‘o’ in home shaped in a heart format. It’s eye-catching, it feels genuine and it sets the precedent for exactly what bluebird care do.

The language throughout the leaflet is emotive and really packs a punch when reading. Words such as “safe”, “love” and “support” stand out a mile off. It’s clear and concise, not cluttered and feels calm, contributed by the use of the calming colour blue.

If the images and impactful language aren’t enough to assure you that their care is second to none, the use of the service user quotations will definitely do the trick – “She’s my lovely blue angel” for example. By adding in such brilliant reviews, bluebird care are showing you exactly why they should be first pick for any at-home care requirements.

The leaflet goes on to explain the number of ways bluebird care can support you or a loved one at home, with a subtle and soft call to action on the reverse of the leaflet, citing how an interested party can get in touch with them to enquire or book their services.

Coming to the realisation that yourself or a loved one might need at-home care can be a daunting task, but bluebird care handle this with kindness and reassurance throughout their leaflet, right from beginning to end, with every aspect of the leaflet designed to make the reader feel their care, and their support without doubt.

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