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Andy Kidd

Describe yourself in 3 words

Organiser, listener, mongrel (hybrid scientist/marketer)

What's your proudest moment outside work?

Got a bike, flew to Oslo and cycled 3,250km through Europe to Dubrovnik.

If I was king/queen for a day I would...

Make kids do more sport and meet people from different backgrounds

Describe what you do in one sentence

I figure out how to develop and maintain customer relationships

Best (professional) advice you ever received

Never burn your bridges

Greatest work achievement?

Delivering the CRM for London 2012

What is your work mantra?

Collaboration and facilitation

The one thing I wish everyone knew about email is…

Not everything needs communicating

The email I always delete is…

Any that I didn't sign up for or that haven't treated my data in an honest way


Interviewed by Kate Barrett, Shine A Light Media and fellow Email Council member