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DMA Insight: The Talent Challenge


Experts across the data and marketing industry were reunited to judge the 2019 DMA Awards.

What better occasion to learn about the ebbs and flows of our industry than when you have over 200 senior marketing professionals under one roof?

We took the opportunity to survey these industry giants about the current and future state of the UK marketing industry.

They told us what sits at the beating heart of their daily work and gave us great insights on the need to nurture, inspire and guide the next generation into our industry.

Here’s what we learned.

We’re unique

The UK’s Data and Marketing industry is a thrilling place to be.

A lot can be said about our industry but the majority of our surveyed experts recognise creativity (72%) as the real selling point.

They also see the people that make up our industry as ‘Curious about customers’ (66%). Consequentially we are able to offer the opportunity to explore and understand what consumers think, feel and do like few other careers can.

Moreover, another distinctive attribute we picked up is related to the industry ability to be ‘Smart with data’ (65%), which marries up well with the previous two features.

We provide proficiency

Ambitious data and marketing professionals will have the real chance to kick off their career in a purposeful and innovative environment.

They’ll be given the opportunity to ‘Develop multiple skillsets’ (68%), ‘Be creative every day’ (67%), have a ‘Strong focus on innovation’ (59%) and be involved in a ‘Constant growth & technology innovation’ (52%).

These and many other tangible long-term benefits define what our industry’s arsenal is.

We recognise talent

We all love getting our hard work rewarded.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that almost all professionals surveyed (99%) believe that recognising and praising talent is important for the industry to retain talent.

However, sometimes, hard work can go unnoticed.

Despite the clear importance, only half of the organisations (51%) have internal opportunities or initiatives in place to reward the great talent they already have.

These vary from formalised awards and rewards schemes, to ad hoc feedback and recognition.

As the Data and Marketing Association, we believe in nourishing a culture of responsible, sustainable and creative working in order to push our industry forward and meet the need of people today and tomorrow.

Helping the next generation find their path into the industry is part of this mission and we need you alongside us.

Help us making the UK’s Data and Marketing industry greater.

Curious to hear more?

At What’s Next? 2020, we’ll explore industry topics and trends for the year to come.

Leaders from across the industry will share insights on what marketing in 2020 will look like.

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