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Thursday, 6th February 2020

121 Holborn

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DMA Awards 2019 Judge


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Learn about the year ahead from the people in the know. Join us as we set the course for 2020 with fellow key leaders and decision-makers from across the industry including Futurist, Tracey Follows, ELVIS, Mondelez, MRM//McCann, British Gas, Glimpse and The SpaceShip Earth

Chaired by Mark Runacus, MBE, Co-Founder and Planning Partner, Wax/On, you’ll hear Tracey Follows, who works with brands to help them develop strategies to future-proof their organisations, discuss her predictions for creativity and innovation for the year ahead.

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Future trends
  • Making changes for the greater good

You will:

  • Reflect on the best work 2019 had to offer, the DMA Awards Grand Prix Winning campaign Hunt the White Crème Egg from, ELVIS and Mondelez
  • Hear Futurist, Tracey Follows discuss the ethics of marketing regarding AI, digital influencers, predictive analytics, and brand activism
  • Enjoy an in-depth discussion on how marketing can help fight climate change
  • Dive into the theme of the day ‘dare to change’ reflecting on making changes within your own business and the industry as a whole

You’ll hear from:

  • James Hudson, ACD at ELVIS and Raphael Capitani, Brand Manager, Mondelez
  • Tracey Follows, Futurist and CEO, FUTUREMADE
  • Zac Schwarz, Cofounder, Glimpse
  • Dan Burgess, Founder, The SpaceShip Earth and Co-Founder, Good for Nothing
  • Matt Conner, Managing Director, MRM//McCann
  • Jill Dougan, Marketing Director, British Gas – Centrica

Enjoy all of this and more all while networking with your industry peers, over a friendly game of ping pong.


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