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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2021


Here is the latest edition of the DMA’s annual report on the state of door drops and their position in the wider marketing mix. The report covers data from 2020, a period nobody could have foreseen, with the coronavirus changing how everyone lives and works.

2020 represented a tough year for most businesses in the door drop space and, on the whole, this was largely true across the advertising and marketing industry.

However, the figures show the important role door drops have played in engaging and informing consumers during these challenging times.

The medium has demonstrated its ability to respond instantly to urgent client briefs and also has been chosen as the HM Government’s preferred channel to communicate to every household in the UK.

Each year, this report provides the most accurate estimate available of the volume and value of the door drop market in the UK.

This edition’s figures explore the 2020 calendar year, trended data from previous years, and additional insights from JICMAIL’s industry-standard audience measurement data.

Before diving in, please be aware that the figures have undergone some significant changes from previous editions, due to a correction and update of the calculation process. Such changes have also been applied to the historical figures – more detail is available in the ‘Methodology’ section at the end of the report.

Download the 2021’s Annual Door Drop Industry Report, here.

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My thoughts on the latest Annual Door Drop Industry Report from the DMA UK.

A challenging year, but as I explore, certainly not all doom and gloom.