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Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2019


2018 was a turbulent year, from both a legislative and a political point of view. However, as you will see, we discovered that door drops remained stable.

The figures included in the ‘Annual Door Drop Industry Report 2019’ are the first we have collected since the GDPR came into force in May 2018.

The annual revenue spent on this channel in 2018 was around £260m and the volume of door drops sent decreased from 5.7 billion to 5.4 billion over the twelve months.

Moreover, thanks to the other 2018’s milestone JICMAIL, the new currency for mail, marketers and planners have been supported in truly understand the benefits of both, addressed mail or door drops.

Indeed, figures from JICMAIL show that the impact of door drops is far greater previously thought: on average, 1.05 people see door drops in the home three times over the course of a month. In addition, 64% of door drops are looked at immediately and 15% are saved so they can be looked at later.

As Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA, says: “the next twelve months will be a fascinating time for the data and marketing industry, but for the importance of door drops within the marketing mix in particular. In an increasingly data-driven world, the key to success remains the same – putting your customers first and at the heart of every decision we make as marketers.”

Dive into our report and learn more about how door drops performed this year.

Also, in case you are interested in last year figures, have a look at the 2018’s report.

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