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The end of one-to-one marketing?
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DMA research and advice
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Putting a price on direct marketing 2012

Data privacy: what the consumer really thinks 2012


Draft EU data law criticised in London and Brussels 26/11/12

The DMA meets with ministers about EU data rules threat 29/10/12

September 2012 update on draft EU Data Protection Regulation 24/09/12

Focus on draft EU Data Protection Regulation 30/07/12

Update on draft EU Data Protection Regulation 10/07/12

EU data reform timetable published 28/05/12

EU Data Protection Regulation lobbying update 23/04/12

Regulators find flaws in data protection changes 23/03/12

Reding defends EU data privacy reform 23/03/12

How the EU Data Protection regulation could affect you and your business 30/01/12

Proposed changes to the EU Data Protection Directive 15/12/11

Press Releases and News items

UK's digital economy under threat unless next EU Data Protection vote is business-friendly, says DMA 22/10/13

UK plc uncertain about cost of EU data reforms, says ICO 15/05/13

Senior Execs unaware of business threats of EU data protection reforms 28/01/13

Infographic on Data Protection 2012 24/01/13

Proposed EU Data reforms ‘worse for UK business’ than feared 09/01/12

DMA welcomes Justice Select Committee’s call for EU data laws ‘to be sent back to the drawing board’ 01/11/12

Ministers promise to protect UK economy against damaging EU data rules 23/10/12

DMA lambasts call to ignore industry concerns over EU data privacy reforms 25/06/12

DMA response to MoJ Call for Evidence on EU Data Protection Proposals Mar 2012

DMA reveals potential costs of EU Data Protection regulation to business 15/03/12

What next for data privacy 02/03/12

Information Commissioner: DM industry action needed to avoid ‘over-prescriptive data regulation’ 02/03/12

Marketing Industry warns EU lawmakers to avoid making Data Protection Regulation ‘anti-business’ 25/01/12

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