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We've gathered together everything you need to read to gain a complete understanding of the Data Protection Regulation proposals: from the proposals themselves to ministerial views and industry responses.

The proposals:

There are three parts to of the EU political process. The EU Commission have proposed the review of data protection legislation and drawn up the first draft:

Data Protection Regulation Proposal 25/01/12

Justice Directorate General Newsroom Page on Proposal 25/01/12:
This is the EU Commission's own press page for the proposals – it contains their explanation of the regulation, plus links to background papers

The European Parliament then formed its own response:

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Draft Report 16/01/13

For more information and details of other European Parliament Committees considering the proposal please see the European Parliament Legislative Observatory page.

UK Ministry of Justice:

The UK Ministry of Justice invited responses through its 2012 Call for Evidence, to which the DMA submitted its research and views:

Call for Evidence On EU Data Protection Proposals Feb 2012

Summary of Responses – Call for Evidence on Proposed EU Data Protection Legislative Framework 28/06/12

Proposal for an EU Data Protection Regulation Government Impact Assessment 22/11/12

DMA Response Mar 2012

UK Parliament:

Reports from the House of Commons Justice Select Committee and the DMA's written evidence:

EU Data Protection Framework Proposals Inquiry 2012 Scope of inquiry

DMA (UK) Ltd written evidence

The Committee's Report 24/10/12

The Committee's press release on publication of the report 01/11/12

UK Government:

Response Jan 2013

UK Regulator:

Information Commissioner's Office:

About the process

ICO's latest comment


Keep up with the latest via the DMA:




Federation of Direct Marketing Associations (FEDMA):

Industry Coalition for Data Protection (ICDP):
The Business Case for Data Protection

Confederation of British Industry:

CBI documents and comments on data protection:

The Advertising Association:

Hear more from the DMA

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