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Wednesday, 8th February 2017
- 16:00


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There’s no need for the batch and blast approach to email marketing. Who says? Skip Fidura, dotmailer’s client services director, that’s who.

Head online and get his expert view on how you can bring a polish to your email messaging and make batch and blast a thing of the past.

Guess what? Consumers still prefer email when you reach out and contact them.

But – and it’s a big but – there is a tide of fatigue, switch-off and walk away behaviour from consumers who have had enough of the same old email messaging clogging up their inboxes.

In particular, batch messaging. Those messages that claim to be for your eyes only, but in reality are running around town, arm in arm with anyone and everyone who will give them the time of day.

In this webinar Skip Fidura, client services director at dotmailer, examines the findings of the Consumer email tracker 2016 to provide the backdrop for his crusade against batch emailing.

He will tell you:

  • How to proactively eradicate batch and blast from your business
  • His five step plan to get your email marketing campaigns back shipshape
  • What you need to do to build relevant, personal email experiences for each and every segment of your database

So grab your free spot and head online to learn how to sharpen up your emailing with Skip’s expert advice.

Remember: You can build on what learn here with a morning spent at our Marketer email tracker, taking place the next day, 9 February: learn more and book your place here.


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